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Randoms…As far back as Labor Day

Randoms from the last month…

Seriously, not being able to post my randoms was driving me absolutely crazy.  Any other time I would have nothing to say, but when you can’t post you have much to say.  Most of it curse words.

It has been quite lovely here in Montgomery.  Cooler temperatures very little rain and just plain comfy.  We really didn’t have a hot summer so I am curious about how the fall and winter will be.  When does the time change? 

I am so ready to make a huge pot of soup it is crazy.  Patience. 

Let me start back from around Labor Day weekend with these randoms.  Yeah, that far back.

Carson saying cheese

Carson saying cheese

Carson and his folks came home for the Labor Day weekend and we celebrated my cousin’s graduating with his Masters’ as well during the weekend.  Carson should be named Speedy Gonzalez he was moving so fast I didn’t even try to keep up with him.  He did stop long enough to take a picture.  That baby knows how to pose it up for a camera shot.  However, there was no holding, cuddling with Mr. Carson because he screams.  And I don’t do screams.  He did high five me though, baby steps.  We still need to work on getting him to put the Sippy cup down because that is not what is cute in the clubs.



My cousin’s celebration was more like an open house.  Folks falling through when they could because football was going on in the city, ASU had a home game.  The last guests left at 4 am.  I didn’t show up until after 9:30 pm and I was out by 11 pm.  I also was hosting some of the folks who needed a bed for the night. 

The graduate on the Right and his Dad cheesing...hard

The graduate on the Right and his Dad cheesing…hard

Question?  Why doesn’t anyone want to sleep in the guest suite?  You have your own bathroom, room your own privacy…the stigma of it being my aunt and uncle’s room is hard to dispel.  Seriously, they have been gone 3 and 6 years respectively…sighing…

JT and I...needed more light...

JT and I…needed more light…

I don’t remember doing anything on Labor Day.  I did no labor that is for sure.

A regular Sunday night on the 2nd Job...

A regular Sunday night on the 2nd Job…

This is completely random.  One Sunday night on my second job we were pretty slow and the kids said, “Ms. Cashana there are horses outside.” Of course I didn’t believe them, but oh my goodness there were horses, four to be exact.  I love horses.  I really do.  I don’t like to ride them because I always feel like I have going to fall off, but I love to pet them.  I see a horse I am going to try to pet the majestic creatures. One of my cashiers was terrified of the horse because her grandmother had made her scared of them.  Initially, she was hiding behind me, but I reminded her she had nothing to fear from them.  I mean one of the riders got off the horse and walked away and the horse was docile and didn’t move.  She eventually overcame her fear and got on the horse and took and posted a picture on Instragram.  I kept asking the riders how the hell were they riding horses in the city limits.  There response, “Montgomery is the country.” That is all.

I like horses...

I like horses…

September’s meeting I made another beeswax candle.  Came out great.  Doing soy candles this year. 

Beeswax...practice makes perfect or close to it...

Beeswax…practice makes perfect or close to it…

One of my last Moss Roses.  I kinda miss my garden.  Kinda.  I needed to put it up for the winter asap.  However, I have the energy of a sloth.  So it is taking me a minute to get that done.

Moss roses aka Portaluca

Moss roses aka Portaluca

I made brown sugar.  Seriously, I had run out of brown sugar and saw on the blog Southern Girl, City Swirl how she too had run out of brown sugar so she made her own.  I did too.  I used a pound of sugar and two tablespoons of molasses and used my biscuit butter cutter and made a quick job of it.  I just needed to know I could do it should I have to. 

Homemade brown sugar

Homemade brown sugar

Are you tired to seeing Kanye and Kim?  Me too.

When will the reality shows die?  I don’t watch most of them and even if I had VH 1 and Bravo I still wouldn’t watch.  However, Catfish still has my attention.  Did you see the one where the girl was impersonating Bow Wow?  OMG!  That was like the funniest one to date.  When I saw D-Pimpin the first words out of my mouth was how old is that girl?  Yes, I knew immediately it was a girl.  She looked like a 14 year old boy.  My favorite text was from my sister, “I was dead when she popped out like a leprechaun.”  A hot mess.  I need for folks to do better to be better.  Seriously.

They cancelled my Ironside.  Seems I was one of a handful of folks watching.  It wasn’t like the old Ironside, yes I am dating myself, but folks didn’t give it a chance.

However, Scandal is still causing heart palpitations and folks to drink wine out of long stem glasses.

My bank finally got mobile deposit.  That was the best thing they could have done for me because having to deposit my part-time job check was a hassle.  I am finally getting to relax on Saturdays.  Yes!

My book club read, Waiting On Jules by Tamara N. Houston, Alabama native for September.  And for October we just finished Domino Falls by Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due.  I really enjoyed Domino Falls and if you like Walking Dead and Zombie apocalypse stories you will really enjoy it.  Waiting on Jules is a love story and a story of a young woman letting go of the past so she can enjoy her future.  Well written story.  For November, we are reading My Soul to Keep by Tananarive Due, which is considered one of her best stories to date.  I have started it and it is pretty good.

When I finish our December book, I will definitely be reading Who Asked You? By Terry McMillan.  Can’t wait.

October Book Club Meeting Picture

October Book Club Meeting Picture

This past Saturday we had our October book club meeting.  We also decided to hit two of our goals one community service and one bonding by attending a Zumba Fitness event for Cancer Awareness.  It was for a good cause and a good ass workout.  Lean into the computer…I am still hurting.  We had 5 instructors,  3 did Zumba, 1 did Buns of steel and one did line dancing.  After the 3rd person, I was over it, but I was determined to get in 60 minutes of a workout.  It actually made my day and I can say it was worth it.  Since this was my first time doing Zumba in a group I most definitely will be doing it more often.  Seriously, real Zumba is way more intense than doing it on Wii.

Indi, Valerie and me

Indi, Valerie and me

Guess who did the big chop?  My sister.  She has been transitioning for a while, and she got tired of the two textures and after immersing herself into blogs and YouTube videos she just did it.  Yeah, looks good too.  My members were quite impressed and commented we look alike.  Yeah, okay…

My sister's big chop!

My sister’s big chop!

Anyway, my sister went to my niece’s homecoming for Winston-Salem and Hunny Bunny got to see where her sister is attending college.  She was taken aback by the smallness of the dorms.  Yet, she had a ball hanging with her big sister.

Caitlyn and Hunny Bunny

Caitlyn and Hunny Bunny

Lala is screaming and throwing tantrums now.  I just hope they fix that within the next month.  Otherwise, that niece of mine will be sleeping outside.

Doing the Most!

Doing the Most!

Lala and pumpkins

I had a great month and great weekend.  I think I am all caught up.  More Creative Cooking posts coming.  Hell, I am just happy to be able to blog again.

One more Oct. Book Club Picture

One more Oct. Book Club Picture


2 thoughts on “Randoms…As far back as Labor Day

  1. For First of All…. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to leave a comment. Why is this button not at the bottom of your posts? For second of all, I really just wanted to “like” this post, but there’s no…..ohhh, never mind i see it now, but dang, why isn’t that at the bottom of your post too? I guess I have to reorient myself from Blogger.

    Anywho, We do look alike huh? Betty Jean representing! Glad you’re able to blog again. This gave me something to do to pass the time. Can you do a creative cooking on some cookies and send me some?? 🙂

    • For first of all. it took me a week to decide to keep this theme. 2ndly, the sunflower is from my garden. 3rdly, I don’t know why the comments and other crap isn’t at the bottom. I am over it! LOL! I swear they were like ya’ll look just a like. I was like no, that is Betty Jean. I still have to post the toffee, coconut whatever they are called cookies. I am behind because of blogger.

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