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Champagne Dreams with a Beer Pocket Ramblings…

I know, I know.  I finally found a home to write my randoms and basically I have said absolutely nothing.  I am becoming a bad blogger.  Yeah, I have some scheduled food posts, but me sitting down cranking out a post has been hard.  My only excuse is life…

Let’s go back to October and how I wasn’t feeling great.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but my energy level was zilch.  And that ain’t me.  I basically trudged along hoping a burst of energy would prevail and I would start feeling better.  Well, when I went back to my doctor for a follow up appointment (yeah, the blood pressure issue), my pressure seemingly was up.  I couldn’t believe it because I had checked my pressure before I went to the doctor and I had the spreadsheet of my readings for the prior 3 weeks.  My blood pressure was retaken after I had been there for a few more minutes instead of as soon as I walked in the door and it was back to normal.  All my blood work was normal and numbers were fine.  However, there seemed to be something out of order with one of the test and luckily it was found when I gave another sample right then and there.  So I was given a prescription for an antibiotic and my doctor bid me fare-the-well.  Yep, he kicked me to the curb.  And it wasn’t due to the ACA, it is due to an ongoing fight my doctor has been having with my insurance company.  Basically, come January the insurance company is only going to pay doctors even in the preferred provider category only 30% of their request.  He felt it wasn’t fair considering our premiums will go up in January.  In other words, we are paying more to the insurance companies and the doctors are getting less.  And private doctors not associated with a hospital just do not have the bargaining leverage the hospital associated doctors do.  I was sad, but when I got my bill I was all for the goodbye. 

Anyway, I am feeling lots better.  In fact this week, I decided to do some light painting around the house.  I have these poles in my foyer and they needed painting and I figured what the hell, let me just do it.  Someone should have told me painting ain’t easy.  I only got a small portion done on Monday, when I wanted to get them completely done.  If you have OCD, you want perfection and I was doing the most with the painting.  However, as the week has gone on I realize if I want to finish the damn poles I need to get them painted and touch up later.  I still got baseboards in the hall and kitchen to do.  Not to mention the front door, if you read on the other blog my fight with the lizard and the lost door handle. You all should wish me luck, because I didn’t realize the pain my back would experience.  Being old and having arthritis in one’s back isn’t fun.  The Guy really should help me finish, but that is hard to do when he is working 7 days a week and long ass days.  Sighing…someone…anyone?

Things will be nice and spiffy for Thanksgiving and my annual Christmas book club meeting.  Only thing is I really want this stainless steel dish rack from Simplehuman.  I have come to the conclusion I have champagne dreams and beer pockets. 


Yeah, no. I will not be getting it, but it is so pretty and shiny…

I have ordered all my nieces things.  Although the oldest one thinks she should get one more Barbie, it ain’t happening this year’s Barbie doesn’t represent the Barbies she already has in her collection.  I can’t.  Only problem is if her mom can’t find some reasonable flights, they will not be here for Thanksgiving, which means they will not get their gifts.  Why?  I ain’t mailing shit!  Sorry about the language, but after last year’s fiasco in trying to get cookies mail, I can’t deal with the highway robbery.  I paid more to mail the cookies than to make them.  No.  I guess they will get Christmas in July next year because that is when the family trip will be.

My cousin said now she doesn’t have to make the red velvet cake.  Seriously, even if my sister does come she doesn’t eat the cake.  In fact, no one really eats her cakes anymore.  She has fallen off with her baking and it has been that way for a long time and no one has the balls to tell her, “We don’t like your cakes.” 

I managed to type out a random post.  Maybe next time it will be more concise.  Have a great weekend!

P. S. Do you have family members whose cooking has fallen off?  How do you handle it?


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