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It Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Am I the only one feeling weird that Christmas is in the forefront right now?  Especially since we haven’t even had time to be thankful like enjoying family on Thanksgiving?

I have always loved Christmas and that is mainly due to my mother loving the holiday.  She made me love it as much as she did.  Her decorating and her cookies she only baked during the Christmas holidays.  Even when she didn’t have much, she tried to make our Christmas special.  But nowadays, Christmas seems to be coming much sooner and it makes me feel funny.

Thanksgiving should be a time you spend giving thanks, eating gargantuan amounts of delicious foods and spending time with family and enjoying each other’s company.  As I have learned over the last few years, not everyone is able to be present the following year.  This year I am even sad for those who work in retail.  Unlike so many years before, retailers want buyer’s money and they are starting early.  Early as in 6 pm on Thanksgiving evening.  This means if you want a normally big ticket item you need to be in line many hours before 6 pm.  Now, sales associates must cut their family time short in order to make sure they accommodate our demands to get something for less.  Oh, and there is less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, which limits the shopping time.  Who is greedier the retailers or us?

On my second job, the owner asked if we wanted to open on Friday.  I haven’t in the 20 years working there worked the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I spend the time with family and decorating for Christmas.  Last time I worked after Thanksgiving I was in undergrad.  A long time ago.  I digress.  The other manager was like she was fine working after Thanksgiving.  I was like you all are bsing and I am just going to be honest.  Although I am not working that weekend, I don’t think it would be beneficial to open on Friday instead of our usual Saturday, because most shoppers will be out on Thursday evening and Friday morning.  No one will be eating with us, because we aren’t fast food.  Or let’s be serious, not enough to pay for the lights, gas and labor.  So we are closed that Friday.  My workers were grateful, because they wanted to do some Black Friday shopping.

I understand why folks want to start earlier with the sales, but it just starts to lose it specialness when you have to leave your family to hit the sales.  Some folks will take the whole family with them shopping.  I have seen too many lost kids looking for their parents in the stores.  However, sitting around the living room, den or kitchen reminiscing about things with the folks you love is too special to interrupt it to get something on sale.  For me.  I am not sure if I am even going out this year.  Since I refuse on everything beautiful and glorious to mail gifts this year, I don’t have much to purchase and most things I can get for a great price online.  Really Black Friday shopping was the one thing my sister and I did for our own bonding.  Nothing like getting out bed before dawn to stand in lines to get cheap shit.  And talk beaucoup smack during the process.  I am going to miss that this year.

Thanksgiving is the holiday I give thanks and spend time with family.  Christmas for me is nostalgic and reminds me of my mother and at my age, gifts for me are nonexistent.  Plus, I prefer to give more than receive so I bake cookies and make gifts for folks.  I just don’t want the specialness of Thanksgiving to get lost in spirit of sales for Christmas.


2 thoughts on “It Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

  1. I think as families have become more “spread out” Thanksgiving has lost its “specialness”. Growing up, we would spend all day at my Great grandmothers house so early black friday sales wasn’t even a thought. No demand. Now that people are waiting to have kids, tend not to live close to family, etc…a need for something to do on Thanksgiving came…and everyone loves a deal!

    But honestly…if people werent interested, stores wouldnt open. It makes no sense to open if there is no profit.

    I used to work at a restaurant (Ponderosa) and the weekend after thanksgiving was SO dead. Everyone had leftovers or just wanted fast food.

  2. I am a Southern girl through and through and family for me, is important and Thanksgiving is the one holiday we try to be together. Although my family is spread out, we used this one holiday to spend quality time together catching up and loving on one another. What scares me most is that when the older relatives pass on, this tradition will be lost. So will the family feelings so cultivated in my household.

    I feel for the retail workers because if they are like my family, they enjoy the time together where you hit up a football game, watch a game, eat a big meal, play cards and just have a great time together. Now they have to interrupt their time with family they love, to cater to the masses. I know they will have some great sales, I just empathize with the workers having to leave their children, out-of-town family on Thanksgiving to sell us things.

    I know for a fact on my second job they are slow…like really slow the weekend after Thanksgiving. We will get a Sunday crowd because by then everybody is ready for something different.

    I am shopping on that Friday, but I just can’t see myself out there Thursday. Even if I am tired of the family by 6 pm. LOL!

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