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I Didn’t Eat Before Scandal…Thanks Shonda! Randoms

Did Scandal send you into a weird, mind-altering state last night?  All I can say for all of us who wanted Harrison to have a love interest, be careful what you ask for. I was in shock, sickened, mad and still thinking about the episode for an hour after it had gone off.  Then I realized that I don’t work for Shonda Rhimes and I needed to take my azz to sleep.  But ya’ll when it comes back on December 5th, Baby Huck better be very afraid as well as Olivia.  I am so glad my FB friends posted the twitter shot where Shonda Rhimes said do not eat during the show…until after the first commercial.  Thank you Shonda! Seriously, I can’t get that scene out of my head.

I was so mad I told The Guy he wasn’t getting any plaid shirts for Christmas.  He asked what had he done and my response, “Not you, Harrison.”

Book club meeting tomorrow night.  One of my members went to the restaurant of this month’s meeting last weekend.  She was all kinds of mixed up.  LOL!  Thank goodness I do a monthly newsletter.

I finished My Soul To Keep by Tananarive Due on Wednesday and it was really a good book.  I mean I shed tears. 

This reminds me I need to add “update website” to my to-do list.  Shit, I am tired.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving requires I do a thorough winter cleaning.  This year I decided to paint the baseboards in the foyer, kitchen and hallway.  I also painted the foyer poles.  As I mentioned before, my back is revolting on me.  Maybe if I could lose some damn weight that would ease the pain.  Because climbing up and down on step stools, ladders and chairs is so not the business.  However, I will finish on Monday.  Thank goodness.

I still need to clean out my garden.  I have peppers growing I think.  I haven’t been outside to check on them in a week.  But when one gets home and it is dark, damn that.

The time change use to be so wonderful when I was younger.  Now it just pisses me off and makes my life harder.  Sighing…coming home to a dark house just makes me feel ugh!

I am going to try and make a sweet potato pie.  Yeah, never made one and I like them but am not in love with them.  I am also making fresh cranberry sauce.  That will add two more Creative Cooking posts.  I still have two more ready to write, but just don’t have the time to get them organized.

My grocery list for this week is massive.  I need to keep looking for coupons. 

Time to start purchasing items for my December book club meeting.  I need a new wing recipe.  I already do Jerk, Honey BBQ and I buy the Buffalo style.  Maybe something with Sriracha…

I also need to order the soy wax and containers to make candles.  I was thinking about making some body butter, but I don’t think I have the fortitude to do that and get ready for our meeting.

I wish the media would stop reporting, taking pictures of and mentioning:  Kanye, Kim K, Chris Brown, Rhianna and Sarah Palin.  Yeah, that was random.

Those who watch or watched Wendy Williams show, do you watch now?  I have tried to watch a minute or so, but she is back to her radio mean ways and I don’t care for it.  I thought she had reformed, but I guess for ratings we must be mean and disrespectful.

One of my favorite bloggers, who I will not name, is doing a reality show.  I read her entire blog when I discovered her.  She was so real and honest.  I told my sister I was disappointed.  I saw the trailer and yet again, there are women fighting each other.  So over it… My sister says there is a market for it and folks love to watch reality shows.  I told her they aren’t reality when the drama is pushed up and taken over-the-top and let’s face it the shows are somewhat scripted.  Remember the original Real World?  Yeah, that wasn’t scripted and it wasn’t directed toward the drama.  Things happened naturally.  Let me get off my soap box.  I just don’t watch reality television and now that I have more channels (switched cable providers) I still haven’t gotten sucked in…at least not yet. 

I tried to watch Iyanla’s Fix My Life with Maia Campbell.  And I realized something.  You cannot fix someone’s life in two days. Thatisall.

However, I did see Mike Tyson:  The Undisputed Truth.  Man that was reality told by the person.  The truth coming from him was enlightening and thought-provoking.  He didn’t hold back and gave me another view of him as just a human being who has made mistakes and is still a work in progress.  If you get a chance, do watch it.

My hair is in a two-stand twist bun.  Protective style and is good for working out.  Why do I sweat in my head when I work out? 

Two-strand twist bun.

I finally purchased some coconut oil.  I looked and looked and I remember reading on someone’s blog about the fact you could cook with coconut oil.  Guess where I found some coconut oil?  Grocery store.  100% coconut oil.  Go me.  Let’s see what it does for these Sisterlocks® .

I am going Black Friday shopping with my cousin and her daughter-in-law.  I don’t know why I am really going because I don’t have many gifts to purchase now that I ain’t mailing any.  But if I don’t get out the house on Friday, I probably will not leave until Monday when it is time to go to work.

I am making homemade soup, which my family begs for, after Thanksgiving.  Can’t wait.  I want a hearty soup with great flavor. 

Have a great weekend! 

P. S. I am sure you want to see some pictures of Carson and my nieces.

Hunny Bunny and Lala

Carson on his way trick-or-treating…He didn’t want to wear his horse costume he begged his mom for…


2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Eat Before Scandal…Thanks Shonda! Randoms

  1. Dang, I did it again, searched all over for the durn “Comment” button only to realize it’s at the top of the post. I am still searching for a bootleg version of Undisputed…. Geesh, can a sistah get a hook up? Do you think it’s on Netflix? I’m getting your niece a subscription for Christmas and maybe I can watch it there…

    PS You want my sweet potato pie recipe? lol

  2. Well the sweet pie came out fine and I got the recipe from Black and Married With Kids. I don’t understand how this damn blog is set up I have a hard time realizing folks have commented. I guess I need to change my notifications. Netflix, probably will have it there.

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