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Happy Thanksgiving Ramblings…


I am still cleaning everyone.  Seriously, I am almost done but it just seems like either I am getting old or lazier because it has taken me entirely too long to clean.  I know I am doing a more thorough cleaning, but it just seems never ending.

The good news is when I leave work today I don’t return until next Monday.  Oh the glory of resting and at least having 2 days of sleeping in.  I don’t get to sleep in on Thanksgiving morning because I rise early to make yeast rolls and cinnamon rolls.

I plan to start cooking once I get home.  In the midst of cooking, I will complete my cleaning chores.  Anyone ever put down carpet fresh on Saturday night and still hasn’t vacuumed it up yet?  No, just me.  Oh well…

I am doing my yeast rolls different this year.  I plan to make them up and then place them in the refrigerator until tomorrow and then allow them to rise for the second time.  I need my sleep people.  And sometimes, okay most of the time, I get irritated everyone in my family is sleep while my ass is up mixing dough, rolling and shaping dough.  I don’t go to bed early because it never fails I always have stuff to do.  So when the alarm goes off at 5 am on Thanksgiving morning, I am ill, meaning mad.  There is nothing on television to watch and I can’t get back in the bed because bread is rising and will need to be placed in the oven and it is just too much.

We are eating at 2 pm.  I can’t.  3 pm is better.  I will be late.  That nap man gets good about noon.  Which reminds me I better lay out my clothes tonight or I will be really late.

My cousin isn’t making the red velvet cake.  Thank you Lawd!

This Black Friday shopping thing is causing me anxiety.  I don’t really have anything I must shop for, but the idea of not going out makes me anxious too!

Iron Bowl is Saturday.  Football is serious in the South, so Alabama playing Auburn is no joke.  I will graciously fix someone a desired dish if they would come and get my Christmas tree out of the storage room.  I am scared of lizards living in the box.  Sighing…with all the punks in my family I will just have to do it myself and pray I don’t lock myself out of the house this time.

I want to make a homemade wreath.  I stopped putting my wreath up because it is huge and our storm door can’t close and you know me and lizards…not gonna work.  So I am looking to make something simple and easy.  My only problem is I really don’t know if time will allow me to do so.

I had crab legs for dinner Sunday and Monday.  So good.  I haven’t had any in quite some time.

My niece is in California she experienced two delays and one cancelled flight.  She better be glad it was her mother who called the airline otherwise she would have left today and not last night.  She checked in accordingly.  She is getting better with doing that, plus my mouth…

Carson is here.  He is so cute.  Yesterday he was earning his keep by raking leaves.  More power to him.

My yard guy did my yard on Saturday and he had 9 bags of leaves.  I only have one small tree in my yard.  Seriously.

Lala is cute, but she is quite the child.  She locked herself in the bathroom yesterday and let out her banshee scream, which put her mama into a panic where she was up and down the stairs looking for the “key”.  When she returns to the bathroom she was going to try to instruct Lala on how to unlock the door, but when she turns the knob it opens and Lala is laughing hysterically on the other side.  She got her mama.  She is a different child…

We had a great book club meeting on Saturday.  Just wish the meal had been great.  I don’t know if it is my palate or what but when I eat subpar food I feel some kinda way.  It also confirms for me why I dislike buffet food.  The book was a great discussion title.  My Soul To Keep by Tananarive Due.

We are reading The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis.  I will read between the couch in the den and my bedroom this weekend in between shopping, eating, putting up Christmas decorations and relaxing.

I am so excited to make soup on Sunday.  I need to get my life.

Some of my recipes I can’t give out and if I do they aren’t right because I do not measure.  Poor Cisha I hope the sweet potato soufflé recipe I gave her works. I don’t measure.  Geez!

What makes a sweet potato pie firm?  Is it the milk?  I don’t know but I am going to follow the recipe I found accordingly.

Well that all from me…Have a wonderful Thanksgiving~!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Ramblings…

  1. Okay, I must be special, because this time the comment box was at the end. Anywho, I leave the carpet fresh down all the time! I love the scent…and…okay, I forget to go back and vacuum. lol I don’t know about this Black Friday Shopping. 1. Caitlyn wants to go and has no debit card…guess who she thinks will foot the bill? 2. If Caitlyn goes that means the whole clan has to go…not gonna happen. 3. I only want clothes, linen, and maybe some cookign items….that stuff can really wait, huh? In terms of your wreath, why don’t you make a quilted wreath?? (okay, yea that will be tacky. lol)

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