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Catching Up…

I am back from my little break last week from blogging.  I kept saying I need to blog, but I just didn’t find the time to do so.  Oh well, let me play catch up.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I went home and started cooking and finishing my cleaning.  Well at some point I realized I had been on my feet for 4 hours straight and my feet were letting me know.  I came home and got to work and wondered constantly how my aunt did this for so many years.  My feet were raging a revolt.  However, I got the yeast rolls, cinnamon rolls and sweet potatoes pies set up or cooked.  I baked a turkey breast, made the sweet potato soufflé filling, made homemade cranberry sauce and washed clothes and changed linen.  I still didn’t vacuum until Thursday as well as mopping and waxing the floors.  I will say it was nice to wake up at 5 am and put the rolls out to rise and get right back in bed.

I finally made myself get up at 9 am to finish the cleaning and bake rolls and such.  I probably wouldn’t have gotten up then if my cousin hadn’t called me at 8 am.  Really?  I put my phone back on mute.

Me…Thanksgiving Day…Two-strand twist out

I was late getting to the gathering, because I was tired, damn.  They were waiting on me and I just shrugged and cussed my cousin out.  Don’t try me when you didn’t bring a damn thing to the gathering.  My other cousin’s wife, texted me asking if I was alright when I hadn’t gotten there by 2:30 pm and I replied I am fine I am just leaving.  Really folks, I live alone and I don’t have the benefit of help with things so never rush a diva.  Plus, because she was worried about not getting things for Carson, I agreed to go shopping Thursday night.  Yep, after all that harping on family and such we went out that night.  Before that we did have a wonderful dinner.  The food was good, but we are going to have to discuss how to make Turkey not be dry.  We had great conversation as me and CW went through the sale circulars and mapped out our shopping trek.  My cousin had so much food left because folks who said they were coming didn’t come; you know how folks can be.


Let me say for the record, I am so disappointed in mankind.  Including myself.  Folks were out like it was actually Black Friday.  Folks, the mall was crowded and most of the stores in the mall were open.  Hell, the food court was open.  It was ridiculous.  We had the strategy to see what we could find and if they didn’t have it we would leave and come back.  They have to restock right?  Yes and the strategy worked.  Especially at Toys R Us.  Most places we went to didn’t have major lines because of the time we got to them, however, our last stop was Kohl’s and the lines were ridiculous.  They had two lines that snaked around the store.  We got in the line for jewelry, which I am not sure was a great idea because we stood in the line for at least an hour and a half.  It seemed to take at least 10 minutes per customer.  I got irritated at one point when I say folks signing up for credit.  Really?  No.  CW and I rotated in line one would go shopping and the other keep the place.  Worked for us, but my feet lawd have mercy!  My CW was hungry, I didn’t get hungry until I got home after midnight because my feet hurt too much and they masked any hunger I may have had.  I had a great time though.  Would I do it again?  Probably.  But only after I spent some quality time with the family.

On Friday, I slept most of the day.  Yes, I did.  I didn’t leave the house.  I changed my pajamas that night when I took a bath and got back in the bed.  I was tired.

Saturday I was up and about and got my Christmas decorations out of the storage shed and chilled around the house putting up the Christmas tree and relaxing.  I watched a marathon of SUV.

Sunday I made soup and chilled some more while reading.  And realized Monday meant a return to work and a crazy and busy time for me.  I did watch the Soul Train Awards 43 minutes after it started.  The Old school hip hop had me up and dancing.  I had to ice my damn knee.

Monday I tried to do some Cyber Monday shopping.  I didn’t.  Let me tell retailers something if your shipping and handling charges are more than half the cost of my purchases, I will empty my basket.  For example if my order is $35 dollars and my shipping and handling is $18, you are doing too much.

Work was busy last week because my former supervisor retired on Friday.  Geez after over 37 years.  On Friday we had his retirement reception and it was really nice.  His secretary was sick as a dog but she was there and cried like a baby.  Needless to say, we were exhausted and I had to head home and get ready for the 2nd job.

Let’s talk about the weather here.  The week of Thanksgiving I had to turn the heat on because we clocked a 28 degree morning and highs not reaching out of the 40s and 50s.  Thanksgiving night was cold and no I didn’t stand in any outside lines.  Last week, the temperature was 81 degrees, yeah.  And it looks like the rain of summer will be joining us for the fall and winter because it is raining all the time now.  It is raining right now. Enough of this dreary weather forecast.

I finished the majority of my Christmas decorating.  I still need to do something with the front door.  I don’t have the time to be crafty right now and I haven’t seen a wreath I would purchase anywhere.  Plus, the prices…ugh!

I will start making cookie dough this week so I can do a marathon baking in about two weeks.

Today is Monday and I am at work and believe it or not, I have been quite productive.  The large pile of files on my desk has diminished.  Yes!

I will be back later this week with recipes and other things.  Enjoy your week!

Christmas decorations…Better pictures later…


4 thoughts on “Catching Up…

  1. You are hilarious! I read this and couldn’t help but giggle.

    I can’t believe you made all of that for Thanksgiving without any help!

    I think the secret to not having your turkey be dry is using the tent method. I found that ever since I did that my turkey is always moist.

    I didn’t do Black Friday this year, just wasn’t in the mood at all. Oh and no Christmas decorations out this year which is a surprise since I am Mrs. Holiday decorator. Next year 🙂

    From what I can see from your tree it is beautiful!

  2. Oh, I decorate for Christmas and I live alone. My mom always decorated from Christmas and her love just spilled over into my adult life. I basically took over the tree decorating and Christmas decorating when my aunt and uncle got too old to do so. I used to decorate outside with lights on the house and in the bushes and I have a lot of bushes. However, I am too old to be climbing up and own ladders and taking stuff down. Because it takes longer to put up then to take down. When Christmas is over, baby the decorations come down quick.

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