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I Am Not Superwoman…I Am Sick.

How’s the weather where you are? Well, here in the South it is a ridiculous turn of upper 70s to 80s one week and then lower 40s or high 20s the next and then it cycles through again. I dress for the seasons and not the weather and I still managed to get a sinus infection. And this week is our annual Christmas book club meeting hosted by me. Who is sick. Who is tired. Who is mad she is sick. Who is still trying to soldier forward.

I am so not superwoman, but I am managing to keep my head above water…barely. I manage to sound like a cross between Tone Loc and someone talking through their nose. So not cute. I really should go get a steroid shot, but time is the factor and I just cannot sit in a waiting room for hours, around sick people for a shot. I can’t. What I did do was get me some Sudafed, which I had to sign over my life in order to get, some Mucinex and some cough medicine and they have worked fine. However, my appetite is atrocious. I am barely eating because my taste buds suck. And there is nothing I have to eat or want to eat. I don’t have a sore throat but I don’t even want to drink water because it makes me full and on an empty stomach is no bueno.

Let me tell you how it all began. I woke up Sunday morning and I had this funny thing going on in my throat. And my nose was running slightly. Then I went to the second job and it was just cold that evening. Not to mention one of the workers wasn’t feeling great the day before but she felt great Sunday, but by the night she was dragging. Uh oh! I woke up Monday with head congestion so I googled some over-the-counter meds to take and headed to the local Wally World. By the time I got home from work Monday, I knew I was sick because all I wanted was a bed and sleep. And after taking a quick, hot bath that is what I managed to do. I tried to eat and that is when I knew for sure I was sick because I wasn’t hungry. Great!

On Tuesday I called into my job saying I would be late. I really thought I could go to work. The reason I didn’t go in early was because I had a temperature of 101.2. And two hours later my fever broke. So at about 10 am I called back to work and said I am coming, but I was promptly told I sounded like crap and to stay my “sick ass” at home. Did I mention several folks in our unit have been sick and still coming to work? Yeah, I was going to get sick someway or somehow. So I promptly turned over and went back to sleep.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling much better, not sounding better but I felt good. Now I know I am still sick because I can’t eat crap and I don’t even want to drink water but I know I need to stay hydrated. I was able to make the candles for my book club members and mix up a batch of cookies for baking tonight and I am not too far behind on my To Do List for getting ready for this meeting.

I am just praying I can get things done feeling not so like myself. I also have my cousin’s retirement reception to go to tomorrow, which depending on the things I get done before 2 will determine if I will be attending. Don’t you hate disappointing folks? I do too. However, she never told me the exact date of the reception until this past Tuesday. Remember the day I was at home sick. She calls me about one thing and then remembers to say everyone is meeting me at the Mickey D’s and we will go to the prison camp together. She is retiring from the federal prison camp and the security on the base has been tight since 9/11. As I am lying on my sick-bed, I am looking like Scooby Doo because one I am sick and don’t care about a retirement party or turkey for Christmas. Further, any time she has mentioned this event it was always stated it was going to be in January. December and January are two different months. This Friday was my day to finish up my main cooking for my meeting and tidying things up before I go to the 2nd job and deliver cookies and work. Now I have to block off 4 hours for this event that I didn’t know the time or date for and I will not be able to stay because of my work schedule. I said all this to whine about not wanting to go and worried about getting stuck on the base and in traffic as I try to return home and get to work. So not the business.

Did I mention I was sick?

I am not superwoman.

P. S. I just told The Guy I have sick breath. I really do need to eat. LOL!


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