So last time I really posted was right before my book club meeting and since this thing will be extremely long I will break it up a bit so I don’t bore you senseless. So how about I show you the decorations and pictures of my tree? Cool.

The full tree with better lighting…

Foyer decorations…

My Santa and Angel. My tree has tons of African-American ornaments and the colors are gold, silver and bronze

More of my tree…

Love this ornament…

The week of the meeting I was sick and trying desperately to get well before Friday and Saturday. I actually have a to-do list that I tried to follow, but on Monday that was a wrap because I had to go to bed. Tuesday had the fever and it finally broke so I was babying myself. Wednesday I did the candles for the book club. This year I used soy wax, which was much easier to work with, but more time consuming than the beeswax. I learned two things this year, soy wax doesn’t take liquid dye and my depth perception is really off. The candles had the right aroma, because soy wax takes oils very well and I made them in larger jars. Go me.

Ginger Lime Soy Candle

Wrapped and unwrapped…can you see how off my wick was? Perception…

Thursday I did a cookie baking marathon when I got home. Since I had two more types of cookie dough to make it was a bit much for someone still trying to recover from an illness. I did relatively well, but it is true fever saps your energy and plus I wasn’t able to eat because I still got nauseous and still had no taste buds. Oh well, my cookies were done and I had chicken wings marinating and I was in bed by 1 am.

Cookies…several types

Friday I finished most of my cooking, marinated shrimp, and cleaned. Thank goodness for cleaning thoroughly for Thanksgiving. I didn’t make it to my cousin’s retirement, but you knew that already. I was so tired I had to take a nap before I went to the second job, plus those cookies were for them.

I got home Friday night and tried to finish any last minute cleaning and set ups before I went to sleep. Saturday I got up early to make finger sandwiches, meatballs and set up vegetable and fruit trays. Made my broccoli crunch salad and went to pick up my punch. When I got home I had a little bitty break down. I was just so tired and I didn’t see the end in sight. Luckily, one of my cousins was coming over around 4 pm to help me finish. Thanks goodness he did because I had him grilling shrimp and setting up drinks. He kept saying, “Man, I don’t cook.” I was like you better learn to do something before you get married. Hell. He will be 29 on Friday, geez.

Him helping allowed me to actually put on makeup and get dress and look half-way decent. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because guess what? I didn’t feel like it. Shrugging…

Set up…


Dessert table of only cookies….


Everything was set up by 6 and the cousin and I sat and talked about the upcoming year and goals. Yes, we were talking deep when my guests started arriving. So big ole thanks to AJ, who is like my oldest child.

Book Club Meeting…

Christmas meeting…

The meeting was great and our community service project, the Storybook Project for Aide for Inmates Mother’s went great. We had more books than I expected, but the program was so grateful for our contribution.

Two members stayed behind to watch me clean up (side-eye) just kidding, I am an organize cleaner and they were so surprised at how quickly I put food up and washed dishes in an organized manner and had them dried just as quickly. No I do not have a dishwasher and no I will not be getting one.

I was in my bed well before 10 pm and all I could think about was I can sleep in and not wake up until it was time for work the next afternoon. And that is pretty much what I did. Kinda.


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  1. Love your Christmas decorations! Makes me wish I had done it … next year 🙂

    I hope that you’re feeling better now.

    I love that you cook so many different things! The cookies look so good!

  2. Thank you Faith! As long as I am able I will do Christmas decorating it just one thing that I enjoy because of my mother. Those cookies were work and can I tell you I only ate 4 cookies. I cook so many I can’t eat them. LOL!

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