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Road to Christmas…

My Ethnic Angel Topper…she is on her last legs unless I can fix it.


Monday before Christmas was cold, yet again.  I am from the south and we really aren’t your snow and cold folks.  Yeah, we get some cold days, but lately it is been a barrage of cold days with the rain intermingled.  Ugh!  However, I needed to get my food for Christmas cooking that day so on my lunch break I purchased my items and because it was so cold outside, I was good leaving them in my car.  No really.

When I got home that afternoon I had visions of resting and getting up Christmas Eve and fixing my food items because I wasn’t going to leave the house at all.  However, since my sister knew of my little mishap (will tell later) she required a signature for me to receive my package.  And since I was off on Tuesday, I would be home to receive it.  Well, you know the postal service when you want something to deliver on time it doesn’t and it was delivered on Monday and that meant I had to go and physically pick the item up from the post office and not the ones closest to my house.  Sighing…I had to go out Tuesday.

Tuesday I ran out and decided to run a few errands and that is exactly what I did and when I made it back home I was like breakfast and a nap.  Good for me.  At least it felt good.

Three short stories:

The candles:  I received my candle making items on December 9th and between the time the driver rang my door bell and him pulling off less than a minute I opened my door only to find no package on my doorstep.  I looked to my left and then to my right and saw no package.  Then I notice someone running at the corner house across the street and I screamed, “Bring my shit back here you dumb ass.  What the fuck are you going to do with candle making shit?  Idiot!”  I have received at least 6 deliveries to my house during the month of November and in the over 20 years I have lived at my address no one and I mean no one has ever stolen a package off my porch.  I was so mad.  Let’s not even talk about the hassle of dealing with the supplier and UPS.  I contacted my girlfriend who works for UPS at our local hub and she tells me this is the 3 year in a row the UPS drivers have been followed and folks steal the packages they leave haphazardly on one’s porch.  Sighing… this drama made me mad.  It messed with my money and my mind.  No I haven’t gotten in real satisfaction.

Sisterlocks:  My sister was going to get me some items from the Sisterlock headquarters because she lives in San Diego.  Anyway, after Christmas she told me how I ended up with the items I got for Christmas instead of SL products.  On her lunch break she decided to go to the headquarters to get the items since they weren’t that far from her job.  She said after driving down the street multiple times and not locating the “store” she decided to park and look and she came upon the store front.  From the picture you can see that was not inviting.  She had to call leave a message and someone did call her back two days later.  Like when I had to order my retightening tools.  My sister was not comfortable with the paying online and meeting somewhere to pick up the products.  Why so clandestine?  Seriously, I wouldn’t have done it either.

Store front for Sisterlocks Headquarters…

My brother:  How should I put this…I love my brother but sometimes…My sister took great pleasure in torturing me on Christmas Eve by telling me her brother was proposing to his girlfriend.  Most people would be so excited about the fact he has found love and is ready to settle down.  The first question out of my mouth was, “Has she filed for divorce yet?  If not, they can’t get engaged because she is still married.”  I purposely stayed off FB so I wouldn’t see the engagement post but of course my family members were all on the page.  Weirdly enough, all the congratulations don’t include any from his 3 sisters. Sighing…

How was my Christmas?


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