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Final Catch Up Post…Thank Goodness…

Christmas Eve I started my dough making, baking and such at about 4 pm and by 10 pm I was all done. I made my yeast rolls, cinnamon rolls, baked 2 sweet potato pies and got the sweet potato soufflé ready for baking the next day. I really multi-tasked because a good portion of that time I was talking on the phone. LOL!

I didn’t have to rush up Christmas morning and I basically took my time. In fact I was in relax mode too long because I was late for dinner. I got the obligatory call at 2:44 pm (dinner was at 2:30 pm) and I was so nonchalant because I was less than 5 minutes away. I always underestimate how long it takes to pack the car and I needed to open my gifts from my sister before I left and you know I hide everything so shit will not get stolen.

Christmas pictures and my gifts from my sister…

Dinner was really good and it was low key again this year. I like that. I spent the majority of the time conversing with my younger cousins. Folks, listen to the young, carefully. I didn’t rush to leave like the previous year and enjoyed my time with family. At this age, presents are nice but being with family is wonderful. I was taking a lot of pictures of myself after Christmas dinner and a couple of my cousin’s friends were quite intrigued my response, “Sweetie, I am cute and like taking pictures of myself.”  LOL!

I got some great items for Christmas from my sister. Don’t have a clue what The Guy has given me because between me being sick and him getting sick we have stayed away from each other. His ended up worse than mine because he didn’t really treat it properly. Sighing…

Why won’t anyone get me my yorkie? Just kidding… I wouldn’t get me a dog either. LOL!

Of course the day after Christmas I had to go to work. And I did and I left early. Man this place was like a ghost town. No one came to work.

I started planning Operation Get The Tree and Decorations Down! I do not play about a tree being up on New Year’s Day.

My tree was taken down on Saturday in 30 minutes. I had the boxes stored in the storage room on Sunday and Operation Clean My House Before the New Year was in full affect.

I cleaned Monday night and most of Tuesday. And my house wasn’t that dirty, but there was a marathon of Law & Order: SVU and it wouldn’t let me be great. I also worked on my Vision Board.

Vision Board…

I worked New Year’s Eve. I was very perturbed that we were opened, but we had a steady stream of folks until we locked the doors. Geez!

I came home ate pizza, drank a sip of wine (I do not like Café Zinfandel – tasted like wine with cognac in it.) and after the obligatory Happy New Year call from my sister.  I was in it to win it…which means I was sleep. When The Guy wished me Happy New Year his words were take cover because he and his kids were already under the bed.  I responded, “They are done shooting their guns it only lasted 3 minutes this year.”

New Year’s day was a dreary and rainy day so I stayed in until I got too bored and went to the grocery store and came home and had a sandwich and got ready for the next day. What? I was not going to cook and I frankly was over food. From my Thanksgiving, book club and Christmas I was in food overload and I just didn’t want anything to eat.

Welcome to 2014! I am done with this recap and regular posting will begin after I ramble…

P. S. I have to show you these pictures of my nieces and Carson…

Caitlyn…after she finally got dressed, put on make up and her mother did her hair…It as at night when I got this picture…


Lala’s Birthday celebration with Hunny Bunny in the background. I just love this picture of Lala because she looks like the happiest 2 year old around. Her birthday is 12/30.


Carson with his Christmas present from me. Why did it not make it under the tree?




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