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Friday Randoms…


This week God showed out for me. I am so thankful. I really am blessed.

I miss The Guy.

Have any of you seen or heard of the Rundu calendars? I miss them so much.

My brand new laptop is at my second job. I had it delivered there. Can’t risk items being left at my house for the “triflings” to steal.

It was really cold this week. I mean 14 degrees in Montgomery. Incredulous. And cold. They closed the schools Monday and Tuesday, because it was cold. Side-eye. When the thieves broke into my house in 2012 they stole my gloves, two pairs. Sighing…didn’t realize it until I needed them this week.

I wore a leather coat this week. I didn’t wear a coat at all last year.

I am going to do Meatless Mondays and see how that goes.

My workouts are about to change. Still will be walking/jogging, but I will be doing more weights, and more videos. Due to sickness and a knee injury I had to sit down. But I am getting back up…slowly.

My sister just sent me an email about doing some type of keepsake for the Birthday/Family Vacation 2014 in New Orleans. My sister is not crafty. I will craft some things. This is going to be quite interesting…Her new name is Birthdayzilla.

Football in Alabama causes the rifts in family and friends. After reading my FB timeline it is like this in several states.

I am still dealing with the shipper and UPS over the stolen shipment. Should be closed this week. I finally got to talk with the driver. My neighborhood is next in line for all deliveries to require signatures. Good.

There is a shortage of marijuana in Colorado. I need to call my best friend and ask her how things are going in Denver, but that is a mandatory 4 hour conversation and this weekend I have store meeting and I must wash and begin retightening my hair.

Do you know folks still find this blog using the term Sisterlock. By the way, on yesterday I have had my Sisterlocks for 7 years. No big thing anymore. I wash, retighten, moisturize and repeat. Boring. Oh, and it will not hold curls. Boring, again.

Happy 7 Year Sisterlock Anniversary …to me!

Mandatory hair photo…because I know folks still want to see them. I took this one just for the purpose of announcing my 7 years with Sisterlocks. Braidout.


It is overcast here, rained last night. I need some sunshine.

We have a store meeting tomorrow morning. Seriously, I could use those three hours resting. Sighing…going over the same presentation he had done before. How do you tell folks you need to update your videos and training materials because the times have changed?

Glad we didn’t stand in the long line for Target, another breach of my identity would not be good. For anyone.

If you have Windows XP, get a new computer. That is why I had to. Don’t ask. My laptop is still in good condition. And as soon as I can get my info off it I will get rid of it.

I am offended by those who are picking on a child’s hair because she is a celebrity’s offspring. We wonder why kids have self-esteem issues. Get yo life!

The Toddler Thug…no.

SNL has a new female black actor. My question? When are Justin and Jimmy going to be back on?

I want a Fitbit.

Currently reading, Who Asked You? By Terry McMillan. I am loudly laughing during my regular bath read.

Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan

I discovered Shameless on Showtime…OMG! It is so good.

No I didn’t see Being Mary Jane. Want to know why? Because I never got to see the movie. They always played in on days I was working.

I am not into The Have and Have Nots, but Tika Sumpter skin is all that!

I am still not watching reality shows. I can’t. Not even the one with one of my favorite bloggers. I can’t.

I just got caught up on Reflections of a Grady Doctor and her story about her son and his love for his brother has me in tears.

Well I am through being random. Oh since I started this post hours ago, it is no longer overcast. It is raining. Again.

Have a great weekend!


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