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Things That Go Bump…in the Daytime

Living alone has its perks and at times it can be a test of faith. Most folks who ask about me living in this “big” house by myself want to know if I am scared. The answer is always no. I am a loner by nature and seriously, what the hell am I supposed to be scared of? I lock up, my house is lit up and most importantly I have a gun and I know how to use it. Further, I will use it.

However, some things will freak me out. Strange noises. Mice in the house. The pregnant cat who hangs around the entire neighborhood, I wish she would sit down somewhere because she stays pregnant and her parenting skills leave a lot to be desired.

Anyway, yesterday morning after watching Osteen on television, I went to turn off the lights around the house. While I was standing at the front door, which has this gorgeous glass center, I heard some type of knocking. In fact, it almost sounding like it was on the roof. So in my pjs, I opened the door and the noise stopped and I went back to bed. After a brief nap, I heard the same knocking again. So I went back to front door, looking out the glass center and I don’t see anything, but now it sounds like the glass weather door is knocking against the frame. Again, I open the door and was like there is no way the wind was causing the door to knock, because there was no wind. So I decide to go outside to see if something was on the roof. Well, there was no knocking again so I still went in search of what was causing the noise, because in my head someone was trying to get into the house from the roof. Yeah, I have a vivid imagination. Of course, there wasn’t anything on the roof.

I come back into the house and of course no sound, however, when I started to go fix my breakfast, guess what I heard? Yep, the knocking of the weather door against the frame. So I open the door slowly and guess what was making the noise. A bird. A bird was sitting on the step down from the door and he was pecking on the glass weather door causing it to knock. Since I was slow opening the door this time, I was able to see the bird fly towards the shrubs near the front porch. And if I had paid attention I would have noticed all the bird droppings right there on the door step…damn bird scared me crazy. I guess birds can be vain too.

Don’t get it twisted…I ain’t never scared…LOL!

Happy Monday!


6 thoughts on “Things That Go Bump…in the Daytime

  1. This is funny! In the case of the neighborhood cat though, make sure you don’t kick any snow at it, If you saw the viral video of that kick doing a Floyd Mayweather on the lady that was kicking snow at it to shoosh it away, you understand what I’m talking about lol.

    • I heard about that video, lol. However, I just shoo her away, I really don’t like cats but I am not going to bother it unless it is eating my tomatoes, because she has been caught doing that.

  2. Haha, too funny! I hear a sound and girl I get so paranoid! You should see me. I tell Sean all the time that I need a gun. But he said that I will shoot without thinking because I’m so paranoid. He is wrong. I need a gun. But we have a dog so that will have to do … for now.

    • If was home more than not, I would have a small dog. After I was burglarized, folks tried to talk me into getting a large dog for outside. I was adamant with my no, I keep a garden and me and a dog in my garden was not going to be a good thing. My family has always had guns, that doesn’t sound good. However, we were taught how to use them and I use mine for protection. Um, paranoia and a gun is probably good thing…LOL!

  3. Glad it was just a bird!! I’m mostly okay when the husband is out of town and I’m alone at night. If there is a weird sound I always get up to make sure the doors are locked. My thing is spiders and bugs! I’m scared to kill them and scared to know they are in the house.

    • I am learning the men in my life are scarier than I am. SMH! So I have learn to battle the lizards, small bugs and spiders myself. I pay and I mean I pay good money to have a Pest control company come to my house because I cannot deal with mice/rats. Best money I could have spent on the house because trying to get The Guy to come to the house and get a trap or my cousins to find the vermin isn’t going to happen, timely. And I don’t have time for that…LOL!

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