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I Quit Winter…Randoms

I have quit winter, but Mother Nature doesn’t give any damns about it. The weather here ranges from 20s to 70s, what the hell? Seriously, I am over winter. Right now as I look out my office window, it is raining and it is 43 degrees. Great.

The governor has issued a state of emergency. All hands on deck. They do not want a repeat of Winter Storm Leon in the Birmingham area. I am side-eyeing folks because they say Montgomery will not get much more than rain. Yeah, I will be watching the weather reports and different weather models.
Sometimes you have to let folks go so you can garner your blessings.

RIP Shirley Temple…I hope there is a marathon of her movies on soon.

I had one of those weird work nights Saturday. I was trying to be nice and “pay it forward” for the other manager on my 2nd job because she called me Saturday about coming in early. In my head, I was doing a good thing. I was being nice. I had just gotten home from running errands because I procrastinated that morning about going out. Hell, I was tired. I still had to eat breakfast/lunch, cook my dinner, take a bath and still get there at 4 pm. I got there at 4:18 pm, because I didn’t remember turning the oven off and I knew I would not be able to work thinking my house was going to be damaged. So yeah, I turned around when I was only 5 minutes from the store. And sure enough, I had turned off the oven. SMDH! When I arrived there were 3 cars in the drive thru and a few folks in the lobby. And I had one cook and one cashier, because it is late afternoon and the evening shift would be there at 4:30. Well we were busy and everything that could go wrong did. The cashiers weren’t equipped for the non-stop business we had so they were messing up constantly. (I heard my name in my sleep that night because they called it so much.) We ran out of our special batter for our catfish with over 30 pieces of fish ordered. And because we were busy, I couldn’t just leave to go purchase the items needed I had to refund money. Day shift knew they needed batter, damn it! Folks were calling back complaining about this and that. When I finally leave for the store and return, a customer had called and berated the cashier. Really? I was beyond through when I went home at 10 pm.

We were busy because everyone is Hood Rich. Don’t know what hood rich is, well it is when folks get their income tax refund checks and they decide to step things up in their dining by eating at places like ours known as casual dining. No fast food for the next couple of weeks. They pay for the smallest of orders with $100 bills (fake ones have been found in our city). I like the money but I can do without the attitudes of those who will have thrown away those income tax refunds by March.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I wake up every hour on the hour and it is making me tired, cranky and stressed.

We have a new treadmill at the work gym. So smooth. But now I have to build my stamina back up.

I started the Simple Start of Weight Watchers. And I do Myfitness Pal. Well, Myfitness Pal says I am in starvation mode, which is probably true because I still had 19 points available yesterday and with Simple Start you do not count points. You choose from differing meals and eat accordingly. I wanted to jump start my weight loss as I try to rebuild my metabolism. My issue is my metabolism was great until 2013 and with some moments where I was sick or couldn’t eat I had weeks in that year where I didn’t eat properly. So even though I was eating fewer calories, working out, my body wasn’t burning them anymore. Being in one’s 40s has perks and down sides. So far things are going fine. You have to plan meals. Seriously. Dinner tonight maybe problematic but I plan to see how things go for the next 3 months. This is not an endorsement nor am I getting paid to endorse them. Moving on…

Don’t you hate when you read posts on FB and folks get stuff all wrong and go back and forth with the poster? And folks wonder why I don’t post. I ain’t got time for that.

One of my employees was in jail over the weekend for shoplifting. Why?

I need to post some Creative Cooking posts, but have been too lazy to do so.

I need to update my book club website. I started redoing the site using the website design by the web host, but I don’t like it but I am not going to be able to use FrontPage forever. Sighing…

I need to do a lot of things like wash my hair, clean my house, wash clothes and organize my gardening things as I decide if I am going to have a little garden or not. I fear we will have a real summer this year so it will be hot as hell and with my work schedule…plants are going to burn up.

A woman I met years ago and talked to about Sisterlocks came into the store Saturday and was asking questions. She was surprised I wanted to cut my hair and stated she would let hers grow forever when she finally gets them. I said you say that now, but when the summer of hell arrives and not only is your head and hair hot, the locks are heavy as hell if you try to put them up in a bun. It is all smiles and flipping your hair over your shoulder until it takes 24 hours for your hair to dry. And it isn’t fun when you can’t style anymore. Boring. My last words to her were, “I am well over this hair.”

Birthdayzilla is working on her birthday party playlist. Her birthday is in July. I need to think of some more ratchet songs besides No Hands. Oh I need to make sure she has some Lil Wayne and Drake on hand. LOL!

Okay, Lala is now talking to me on the phone. Mind you she is just repeating everything I say. You know mimicking me. And she takes some delight in screaming my name…really. My sister sent me a video of her dancing and it is so funny and cute, because at one point she is getting into it patting her belly trying to sing to “Let’s Hear It For the Boys.” A mess.

Hunny Bunny is in gymnastics again. When I was watching the Gabby Douglas movie and she was tearing up her mama’s furniture, it reminded me of my sister and me using my mama’s couch arms as a balance beam. Those couch arms were weak. LOL!

Happy Tuesday!


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