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Me and Simple Start by Weight Watchers

I have completed the Simple Start part of Weight Watchers. It wasn’t too hard for me to keep to the foods allowed and get moving. The purpose of the Simple Start plan is to jump start your weight loss by eating what WW likes to call “power foods”.

The first week my breakfast was either a ½ cup of oatmeal with half an apple. Lunch was a tuna sandwich on whole wheat sandwich thins and a small veggie salad with a vinaigrette  and dinner was sautéed shrimp with veggies or a chicken sandwich w/American cheese and a plain backed potato. I allowed my indulgence to include butter and the cheese and I still managed to stay within my allotted points. I snacked on sugar-free jello or fruit. I know boring. In fact, the first week I didn’t swap activity points or use any of my weekly extra points. Didn’t need to it seems. So how did I do the first week, well I actually lost 4 pounds. And I was geeked because I have a habit of checking my weight every single day. I have done that for years. And it is not a good habit, at all. I was satisfied with my meals and I started eating my dinner early because I noticed I would be hungry before 6:30 pm. So instead of getting ready for the next day as soon as I walk through the door, I fixed my dinner and ate. I also got back to working out every day at work on my lunch break. And it felt good and dare I say great.

This week was hard. I managed to stay within my points and always having points left over at the end of the day. According to Myfitness Pal, because I may as well post on all my apps I wasn’t getting enough calories most days stating I was in starvation mode. In fact, Wednesday was the only day I wasn’t in starvation mode. Not good for MFP, but stayed within my WW points and followed the Simple Start Plan accordingly. My breakfast was either cream of wheat or oatmeal with half of an apple. Lunch was the Seriously Cobb salad listed on the Simple Start Plan. Both meals were substantial meaning I wasn’t hungry when I finished, I was satisfied. Dinner was a turkey burger with baked fries or baked plain potato with the indulgence of butter. However, by Thursday I had enough of the burger and fries combo. So I found a recipe on Skinnytaste for Spicy Shrimp With Chilies and Garlic, oh my goodness it was delicious with a side of mixed vegetables. I also snacked on my usual apples, pineapple, jello and light popcorn. Honestly, I was finding myself hungry again after dinner and although I felt satisfied after dinner a couple of hours later I needed to eat again. I worked out every day this week except on Monday, because it was a holiday. As the final week of the Simple Start plan I was hoping to have dropped about 8 pounds, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I only lost 1.5 pounds this week. So far 5.5 pounds in two weeks. I was disappointed that it wasn’t more but glad I lost a pound and hadn’t gained any pounds back.

Now I am strictly doing the points, but I am going to use the Simple Start meals as a guide for next week which looks like I will continue with the Seriously Cobb salad for lunch and chicken parmesan for dinner. I am also going to try Kale chips and adding more fruit to the repertoire. I will be adding back protein to my breakfast as well, because although oatmeal is fiber I still need protein because of my lunchtime workouts.  I am ranked 3rd in my fitness challenge that I am doing, I was two yesterday so you know this mean war! I do know my metabolism is still trying to get back on track. And it is having a hard time adjusting, but I am hoping with the incorporation of a multivitamin and increase in the amount of time I am working out will improve my results for next week.
Following the points isn’t that hard especially when there are sites like Skinnytaste that cater to WW and the dishes are amazingly good.

Spicy Shrimp with Chilies and Garlic

I will post my version of the Spicy Shrimp with Chiles and Garlic by next week. Enjoy your weekend. I have book club and guess who hasn’t finished the book? Yeah, I am trying to retighten my hair, eat right, exercise, and find time to blog and trying to read a book that keeps putting me to sleep. Not good.

Disclaimer: I am not advocating WW nor did I get compensated to discuss my weight loss program and all views are my own.


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