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Almost the next weekend roundup… Randoms

I either ate something bad or I was being punished because early Sunday morning and we are talking 4 am, I was up with stomach pain that made me want to commit murder. Ever felt like your intestines were being squeeze and turned at the same damn time? How I made it to my 2nd job Sunday and conducted orientation is beyond me. I tell folks my stomach sounded like a transformer being hit by lightning. It was that loud. I woke up Monday morning still grappling in pain and sleeping in fetal position so work was a no go.

Anyway, I had book club Saturday night. I walked into the meeting stating everyone who voted for this book better be at the meeting and have read it because I know I didn’t vote for this book. It was slow until the end, too preachy and unrealistic. I have never in the almost 15 years the book club has been together have I ever finished a book on the day of the meeting. Never, until this book. I had to finish it because I have always finished the books, plus I would look out of place not finishing the book as the founder of the book club, but this book tested my will power.

Although the book wasn’t amazing it did provide a great discussion for our group. I saved up points to drink wine. However, I am going to need the members to remember I drink dry red wines; sweet wines are a no go for me. And after my stomach situation…no.

My sister started WW this week and on Monday she was starving. Sighing…for someone who isn’t used to eating breakfast regularly and basically subsists on chips and candy bars for lunch…really? She is doing better, but she had to make some adjustments. I on the other hand am struggling because of the stomach situation…

Does regular Jell-O really taste so much different from the sugar-free Jell-O?

I still haven’t finished retightening my hair. I should be doing that right now. Sighing…

My sister and I were having a discussion about the roles of black women on television and she was somewhat disappointed in Being Mary Jane’s finale. Well since I haven’t seen the movie or the show I can’t really speak on it. However, my sister is stating stories are perpetuating a stereotype or one face of a black woman’s story. She says why there aren’t any storylines where the black males are in relationships with married black women, it happens. I said because it isn’t enough drama for folks to tune in. Folks aren’t interested in seeing boring stories; they want drama which is why there are so many reality shows, which I can’t watch. And I was a reality show junkie. I just can’t get into the scripted drama because reality is not all drama it is boring too, but no one wants to watch boring stuff. She brought up The Cosby show and I said it was good for its time, but in today’s world of social media and reality television the numbers will be low because folks want drama, they want fighting, they want sensationalism and when we have the cookie cutter stories like the Reed Family, nobody watches. Whatever happened last night on Being Mary Jane it has brought on a hell storm of discussions. Black women struggle for acceptance and roles which portray our truths, but no one wants to watch how I worked two jobs to go to law school and sacrificed relationships for my education and career.

T-Mo should get tired of my sister cussing them out. I fear upgrading my phone soon. I can’t wrap my head around paying $600 or more for a cell phone. And they no longer give discounts on the phones. I am going to pray on it.

I have been researching eating places for New Orleans. I am going to have to scale down my taste, because seriously my folks ain’t paying for meals averaging $100 for lunch for two. Any suggestions? And plus, someone on the survey wants buffets. Really? I don’t eat buffets. Help…

I just saw a picture of my stepfather with his parents and siblings…I never knew what he looked like as a boy.

FB is still the devil.

I still owe you all a Creative Cooking post…I got a few more days.

It is currently 45 degrees; it was in the mid-70s this weekend. Spring can’t get here soon enough.

The neighborhood kids, the bad ones decided on Saturday to take a paint canister, which had paint in it and spread the paint all over the neighbor’s yard and the sidewalk. They stopped just shy of my property line with the white paint. Why are they so disrespectful to people’s property? If their parents cared one nickel or dime about them maybe things would be different.

Can you explain why my sister always gets mad when I send her a selfie or a collage of selfies to her? I just don’t understand the problem. When I send them to The Guy, he always says beautiful. SMH!

I need to figure out what my sister wants for her birthday and I am hoping when she reads this she will post some on Pinterest. I am not buying anything her husband needs to get her, hell… Get to pinning, Tiffinny! LOL! Inside joke.

Carson’s mom sent me a text that read he looked in the mirror and said to his mom he was handsome. Ya’ll that brought a tear to my eyes. He is so vain and he got it naturally. It makes my heart jump for joy knowing vanity is carrying on throughout the generations. I don’t want it end with me. And everyone knows I am vain. I looked in the mirror this morning and marveled at how great I look!

Enjoy the rest of your week…

P. S.  Pictures…

Carson with his handsome self


Lala and Hunny Bunny…adorable.


Me…and my new lipstick




4 thoughts on “Almost the next weekend roundup… Randoms

    • My sister swears it tastes different. I don’t really know because I buy sugar-free. The book…The Morning After by two Christian fiction authors. I kid you not as soon I would begin reading it made me sleepy. I even had members say it was a quick read, it took me a month to read it. I started it the Sunday after our January meeting. SMH!

  1. Love the new lipstick color. I have been experimenting with color myself these days. I used to hate colored lipsticks and never liked how they looked on me or how people looked at me when wearing it. Well now at 43 years old, I’ll pretty much wear anything and go anywhere in it. I’m in that “I don’t give a damn if folks look at me” phase in my life and it feels goooood! So by the time spring hits for real, I pan to have a plethora o colors that I’m gonna rock, even if it’s just to go to the mailbox.

    • That is how you have to be Clarinda. I have been a don’t care what anyone think mode since I turned 40 and at 44 I do what I want. And if you want to wear lipstick to the mailbox, do that!

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