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I Am Covered…



There are several calls most people would rather not get.  No one wants to get bad news or news where there isn’t anything one can do to change or alleviate the problem.

My neighborhood has changed so much in the last decade.  Most of the original homeowners have gone on to glory and their families have their own lives to live and they don’t know how to deal with the property.  Many would love to sell, but let’s face it, the houses are worth more than what they can get for them and no one wants to be in a neighborhood which is filled with thieves, drug dealers and folks who give no damns or a good fuck about anything.  So they are forced to rent the houses and seriously the element isn’t getting any better.  This is what makes things sad.  I don’t like when new people move into the neighborhood, because some type of crime happens.  Don’t let the news reports give you a false sense of hope; these folks are still out here doing the most and not caring. (We just had our 2nd homicide today.)

I had two spotlights with one bulb blown.  No biggie.  I kept putting off replacing the bulbs.  Mind you my house was still lit up, just not as bright.  On Saturday, at 9:35 pm, while I was at my second job, I get a call on my cell phone from an 800 number.  My first thought was who was calling me at that time of night from an 800 number?  Well, it was ADT and the lady lets me know there is trouble at my back door sensor and did she need to call the police.  Um, yes I am at work.  Of course I was in a panic and it seems the workers weren’t in a hurry to get the hell home, but I was in panic mode.  I was ready to go!  Even when I was ready to clock out one the cashiers was doing the most and couldn’t clock out and my response, “Sweetie are you serious?  Folks are breaking into my damn house right now and you are bullshitting!”  Yes, I said all that and finally got her clocked out and I was able to finally head home.  Why did I get stopped by most of the lights on the way home?

On my way home as I was cussing, I was also praying.  “Please Lord, do not let them have gotten in to my drawers again, I just don’t think I can take them rambling in my underwear.  I can’t.”  I need to prioritize my thought process, but I have nothing of value for them to steal and anything I do have is hidden so well, sometimes I cannot remember where the hell I put them.  There will be no stealing of my meds and identity.  When I pulled onto my street on two wheels, there were two police cars and one SUV.  The police were walking around the perimeter of the house and they would not allow me to go in the house until they had done a clean sweep.  I am so thankful I keep my house presentable.  God heard my prayers because nothing was stolen and only frame damage to my back door.  A cheap locking system and a metal door kept their dumbasses out, but believe me they had tried my windows and air conditioners but by the grace of God, evil was kept out of my house.

That phone call put me on edge.  Now I fear an 800 number on my phone.  No Bueno.  I slept in my own bed Saturday night and I prayed to God and thanked him for covering me.  And even when the tears came they were tears of how good God can be and he is watching over me, a person whose Faith is huge but is still a work in progress.  He ain’t leaving me because I am not perfect.  (With all the cursing in this post…it is a wonder.)  The 800 call shouldn’t scare me, because it is God looking out for me.  The evil ain’t going to take my peace, joy or my happiness.  I am covered.


6 thoughts on “I Am Covered…

  1. Cashana, I am glad that the thief did not get into your house. I have been a victim of burglars at least 3 or 4 times at the same residence mind you. I was done when one night I awoke to find a strange man rising up from the floor at the foot of my bed. God covered me as well. My boyfriend was in bed with me at the time so when he jumped it, it startled the burglar, who then ran off. I know in my mind that he was there to rape me, because normally I would have been there alone with my toddlers. It was nothing but God that kept me.

    I swear though, to be burglarized is the worst feeling. I haven’t experienced it since living where I live now but I’m considering getting a big dog, trained to attack when strangers come in my house uninvited.

  2. Clarinda, I do not know what I would do if someone in my bedroom while I was sleeping. I have been in the habit of having my alarm armed when I am home so if you get in I know you are in. God covers us, He really does. I have thought about a dog, but I don’t want the responsibility of a big dog. Hopefully, one of my family members will bring one of their rarely used cars to the house so I can have the appearance of someone home.

  3. You are covered! I’m so glad that everything was still in place but wow, how mind wrecking. I would be freaking out. It’s horrible that we have people in the world like that who do not think twice about breaking into someone’s home. It’s sickening.

  4. Faith, that I am. Unfortunately, I can’t control other folks so I work hard at not allowing their bad behavior to affect me living. According to one of my teenagers on my 2nd job, the guys brag about doing these things every week and what is crazy she will say they don’t have to do it, but they do it for thrills…sad.

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