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Day Before Spring Randoms…

I have angst. I do. We are taking applications for our book club and for some reason this causes me stress, every damn time we accept applications. I like the way we do things now, but it still causes me some very unnecessary anxiety. I guess the ill emails from folks who were told we weren’t accepting new members or the folks asking for directions to the meeting because they saw our next meeting date on our website or the folks who felt the need to read me for our policies. And because I am kinder and gentler these days I really want to say, “Start your own damn book club, because you and I in the same group ain’t gonna work. And since my name has been attached for the last 14 years…you are the odd man out.” Really, folks will come for you in emails when you didn’t send for them.

birthdayzillaaqua  birthdayzillawhite,jpg

My sister is a birthdayzilla. Look at this color scheme. Aqua? She plans to send out swatches. And folks better match them. Really? No. I do not wear white and I don’t shop for real. This is what she just sent me… The RGB for the color is: 31:179:209 HSV is: 190™ 85% 82% Hex Code: #1FB3D1. I can’t.

Birthdayzilla wants to have raffle tickets and price stickers. Why?

The workers on the 2nd job are on my nerves. I can’t wait until this spring fever mess is over. They are doing the most with the least.

No one is blogging. Twitter is killing blogger. I blog when I want to and I feel no pressure to come up with topics since this is a personal blog I say what a want within confines, meaning I am not putting all my business out on this blog because anyone can read it. I have an anonymous blog that houses my more intimate thoughts and more controversial topics. Works for me. I do not use Twitter because it is like a sensory overload for me and frankly no one cares that I am picking my toenails at 11:09 pm.

We had our 2nd murder last week and the culprits were three young men. There are too many young males in this city living their lives for naught. I can’t hire them all on the 2nd job, but I can say a good majority I do hire go on to do something with their lives. Mr. Moore taught me something.

I hope I can take a vacation this summer where I can relax and read the majority of the time.

I haven’t been cooking much, which is why there are no Creative Cooking posts lately. Being on WW, doesn’t really give me room for experimenting. I did make this Red beans and sausage soup, but as tasty as it was, two hours after eating my ass was hungry. I think I will concentrate on desserts to post. The other thing is I am not much on switching things up. I like to eat the same thing for lunch because I do not have time to cook different meals during the week and on the weekend I spend it doing errands and catching up on cleaning, The Guy and resting, hell. My sister tries to cook up stuff on Sunday. I ain’t doing that. I have been trying to cook a good meal I can eat either for lunch or dinner during the week. Like vegetables and baked or broiled beef or chicken.

Small glass of wine…points people…

After last Thursday’s Scandal I had to have a drink. My nerves were shot.

I had a good work out today. I did intervals on the treadmill, where I walk two minutes and run 1 minute for 20 minutes. When I workout with my co-worker I tend to push myself harder, like a competition but I am the only one competing. Thing is I compete like this all the time. Me and The Guy compete on stuff and he doesn’t even know it.

Time to start plotting this gardening thing although I am always on the fence on whether I am going to do a garden until I realize I need something to keep me busy and the price of tomatoes always gives me the motivation. Although I am not doing a lot, I hope to plant a whole lot more flowers. Since my geraniums bit the dust, I have to replace them as soon as I can trust the weather. I must have a red rose bush. I need more colors from my Zinnias. And I must have sunflowers so I can smile often. Flowers just make me feel good.



OMG! Birthdayzilla has struck again. She just sent me her birthday dress. I need her husband’s number because undoubtedly she has lost her damn mind. Seriously, it isn’t aqua…but she plans to get it in aqua. I am over it!

I had the heat on Monday and Tuesday. I needed the air on this past weekend. I wish who ever pissed off Mother Nature would go and apologize now.

This is pop culture randoms…Chris Brown can’t get right for shyte. Kimye…go away. Beyoncé is grown. (Although, Lala singing… “I been drinking…” is disconcerting.) Who cares about Drake and Rhianna? I can’t wait to see A Day Late and A Dollar Short of Lifetime, because it is one of my favorite Terry McMillan books. Why is Keisha Knight-Pulliam doing all these reality shows? Single Mom’s Club was the worse movie opening for Tyler Perry. Who cares if Lil Boosie or whatever his name is got out of prison? Rap sucks. A lot of the music on the radio sucks. I would rather listen to Happy by Pharrell all day until I get tired of it.

I will not be watching Billie Dee Williams on Dancing With The Stars. I have loved him with all my heart since I was a young girl watching Lady Sings the Blues and Mahogany. I mad at all the jokes. This is how I see him…


Recently me and The Guy were discussing traveling to NOLA for the Birthdayzilla’s Event. He told me it was a 6 hour drive to NO. I looked him in the eye and asked was he smoking crack. 5 hours max if you miss the traffic less than that with good traveling conditions. I was like look, I suffer from motion sickness, and we need to get in the car, drive and no stops. As my Uncle John believed in, bring a jar. There will be no random stops for bullshit. I can’t. The very first time I went to NO, we were stuck on that bridge on the other side of Slidell due to traffic and we still did it in less than 5 hours. We will need to have some come to Jesus talks, because we are going to have some problems, problems…

Caitlyn…Lala’s big college going sister! On Spring Break!

Lala is taking swimming classes and she just started going to a daycare center. Well seemingly, she was angry this morning because her mama only gave her one packet of oatmeal. I was side-eyeing her on that one and I told my sister to tell Lala she can’t be wearing a thong bathing suit to practice…smh!

Carson putting on his socks…

Carson gives me joy. He back talks, he ignores you and throws tantrums. I love it!

I guess I need to finalize these emails to send to potential new book club members. I have procrastinated the entire day about sending…tomorrow will be soon enough!


4 thoughts on “Day Before Spring Randoms…

  1. The anonymous blog allows me more freedom to say and feel. After my aunt passed, I needed somewhere to put the feelings without making folks sad on a daily basis. And it is a bit more spicy and political. LOL! There is the Birthdayzilla vacay, but I am hoping to find some time for one with just me and The Guy. Timing… I was ready for a vacation when the time changed and couldn’t get up on that 1st Monday…LOL!

  2. I should so write an anonymous blog … I think that would be perfect for me especially at this time where my feelings are going all types of crazy.

    I seriously laughed out loud to the “birthdayzilla” … that is hilarious. I’m sure not for you but the term just makes me laugh.

    I don’t get Twitter which is why I don’t have one … besides I notice I can only be addicted to a couple social media sites at one time.

    I can’t read anything on your blog about Scandal since I catch up with it on Netflix but I know people were going crazy and I can’t wait to know what about!

  3. Faith – the anonymous blog is so helpful when you have emotions you need to deal with but do not want the masses who know you to read into them more then what they are, feelings at the moment. Birthdayzilla is doing the most. I send her pictures of dresses and shirts that are labeled aqua everyday and she fusses and says NO! I then say well I don’t think you know what aqua is because this is aqua. LOL! I am on FB because I am nosey, but I refuse to take them too seriously, plus I do keep up with relatives that way. Yeah, Scandal did the most.

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