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Scandal…All In My Feelings Spoilers.

Last night’s episode left me completely in my feelings. It was like a relative from my own family had died. Watching Cyrus lose it completely tore my nerves and heart straight up. I am still feeling some kinda way. I almost didn’t make it to work because I am so sad…

How does one television show bring you through so many emotions based on fictional characters? Honestly, I knew who was shot but I just knew Shonda would do us like she usually does because nothing is as it seems. The Guy and I text throughout the show and I said Shonda went too far tonight because I am so sad. I was sad through the entire episode. Yeah, Huck and Quinn and Mellie and Andrew gave me a few moments of reprieve, but the overwhelming emotions of James death just cloaked me for over 50 minutes, okay longer than that because I cried for another 10 minutes after the episode ended. I just knew my eyes were swollen this morning.

I am off-center today. I feel like a love one has passed on. I am still sad, ya’ll! My emotions are real and that shit is scary and straight crazy. Reading my timeline on FB, seems I am not alone. Thank goodness. When I texted The Guy that I couldn’t stop crying he told me to Stop! All I could text back was, ‘I am trying.” I tried to stop crying really I did, but watching Jake and knowing James suffered was just too much. I did the hiccupping, ugly crying, can’t breathe type cry. I was inconsolable for 20 minutes. And when I finally calmed down, sadness just sat its fat ass down right over me and now I sit here at work with tears in my eyes because a fictional character on a television show died.

Thanks Shonda.


2 thoughts on “Scandal…All In My Feelings Spoilers.

  1. Clarinda, my sister lives on the West Coast so as soon as I made it to work I texted her to see if she watched the show and then she called because seriously, this episode had a lot of people in their feelings. I guess that is what we get for saying the pace was a bit off. I am so glad no one could hear me crying because it was ridayumdiculous! LOL!

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