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Day 2 – Something you love about yourself

I love that when I am stressed or overwhelmed I can find a book and lose myself in its pages. I love the fact I enjoy reading as much as I breathe. I remember family members being concerned because I read all the time. I think they were just mad because I didn’t want to hang out with their rowdy kids. I was a bookworm. Not a nerd. Seriously, I was smart but grades were one thing so I wouldn’t get a whipping, but I would rather read than deal with people.

I love when I am bored I can pick up a book and become so enthralled in the storyline that hours will passed before I even realize the time. I love my bath time because that is pretty good guarantee I will be reading for an hour or more.

I love my passion for books allowed me to share it with others and it is essentially why I have had a book club for 15 years now.

If it wasn’t for the book 32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter, I do not know if I could have handled the loss of my aunt after folks stopped checking on me. Her book enveloped me in hope, joy and passion and at the time I needed all of that as I returned to being just Cashana and not Cashana the caregiver.

Loving myself means always finding time to read.


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