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Some Weekend Randoms…

I figured I better do some randoms which are a bit more upbeat because this challenge is a bit intense at times. So here we go…

Last week was book club and we met at the casino in the neighboring county and we had a ball. Now don’t get it twisted I didn’t gamble, I went to eat from their buffet. Saturday night they have crab legs and if you could have seen the plates of crabs on our table it was a sight to behold. Believe it or not I stayed within my points. I did extra activities. My sister was like the butter is going to get you. Well the butter didn’t because I had a two ounce container with half in it and I didn’t use half of it with the three pounds of crab legs I ate. Yeah, I said pounds, they actually were seasoned. LOL! They had fish, oysters, salads, steak, overcooked prime rib (I am sorry there should be some pink with prime rib), desserts and vegetables galore. I ate a salad for balance. They had raw oysters, which normally I love, but baby if you have to question the way they look and the size I don’t eat them.

The Imani Book Club…3/14

Our meeting was one of the best we have had the atmosphere was good and I know you are thinking how private can a buffet be? We were in a separate room which was set up with us in the middle and other tables along the walls and because it was off from the main dining room it was relatively quiet and we were able to conduct business. The book was The Cutting Season by Attica Locke

I have lost 9 pounds on WW. I still ain’t really cooking. I did a stir fry this week. I may work on the doing the recipe for a Creative Cooking post later.

Chicken Stir Fry. Served as is no rice.

The Guy is in the ATL taking an IT class and I miss him, but I ain’t sure why because I rarely see him during the week. I asked him why too, he didn’t have an answer. Shrugging…sometimes things aren’t meant to be understood.

I sent my oldest niece a picture of my eye shadow and information on the brushes and colors she said it was too complicated. One day…

I had a customer get me last week. He called the store saying we gave him some raw food. He wanted to have the entire order replaced. I asked him why he didn’t call in the problem the night before since that is when it happened and he said he couldn’t get through. I knew he was lying. I asked him did he still have the food and he said it was only 8 pieces and he threw it away. Now while we were having this conversation he was hollering at some kids in the background. I am explaining our policy and he said he hasn’t had this problem before and then he tells me he is on his way to the store. For what? I didn’t offer him a refund and I told him I wasn’t going to replace his entire order because I have no clue if he was ever in. So he gets there and I have talked to the owner and trying to be nice I replaced the raw pieces. He was mad he said he was going to have to give the kids bologna sandwiches. I looked at him and realized I went to school with him. Life undoubtedly hadn’t been easy. When I asked him to sign the receipt he scribbled his name and I asked him to pull up. He goes, “Well, can you give me a drink because I came all the way back here.” I said, “What part of this situation do you not understand. My boss told me to give you anything without the food. I am being nice. You can have some water, but nothing else.” I did go to school with him. He lied. I was gotten, but he will not be able to pull that stunt again. By the way, he did the same thing with the other manager. Serial thief.

People are surprised I still work out. If I didn’t OMG!

I send my sister pictures of clothing and stuff in aqua regularly. Mind you all the items are listed as aqua and she is still complaining they aren’t. Whateva.

Have you ever had to cut a friend off because they are stealing your spirit? It is hard to do. Luckily it isn’t me.

My yard looks amazing. The cost wasn’t. Luckily my yard guy works with me because learning to cut my hedges was the next thing on my agenda to do. The Guy wasn’t going to be happy.

I would love to have a bowl (small) of banana pudding.

Okay, last week on Blu Jewel’s blog she did a post about Baby Foot. I went to the site and was like I would do that this summer. Then my sister sent me a YouTube link where a young lady did a review of the product. The pictures do not do what the product does, justice. The skin peeling is amazing and scary all at the same time. I questioned whether I would do it, but if it will last a month or more it may be worth it, but my OCD…may be problematic. Picking, picking, picking…that is so gross!

I have been making it my business to smile with more than just my mouth and with sincerity and people respond warmly and sincerely.

I finally finished retightening my hair. I have been so lazy the last two months with the retightening, but I will do better. I hope. Now to moisturize and a protective style for a couple of weeks.

I am so sleepy today.

Can we talk Scandal briefly? Mama Pope is scary, Daddy Pope was shook and Jake is scary and I think Olivia done f-ed up! The end. I needed a strong shot after last night episode.

Did you see Law and Order: SVU? I was really depressed after that one and next week is going to be a doozy. What is crazy is the guy after Olivia has been on SVU, Criminal Intent and the Original Law & Order. I know I need to get a life.

It is raining. I just got my grass cut. Seriously, is it going to be like last year with nothing but rain? If so, I need whoever pissed off Mother Nature to go and apologize and I am tired to telling you to suck it up and do what you got to so we can have normal seasons. Dang!

Carson’s mom posted a video of her talking to him while in the car. He told her he wanted to get out of the car, but she proceeds to ask him a million and one questions about his day. He decides he has had enough so he starts poking on the outside of his eyeball and pushing his eyelids in. It was totally gross, but his mom was traumatized. Maybe if she had stopped asking all those questions…

Carson and his tie.

It is wonderful to know Lala is a girly girl. She likes to match her headbands. And she if she doesn’t like her shoes she lets her mother know. Lala the fashion princess.

Hunny Bunny answers my questions when I drill her about school, gymnastics and life. However I get the feeling she is over my ass. I swear she blew yesterday when I was talking to her. And because I am evil I kept asking more questions.

Lala and Hunny Bunny!

I hope you have a great weekend. I will be busy working on my taxes and getting mad because I do not have a dependent…


You can’t tell my sister she ain’t cute…



I really going to style my hair soon…


P. S. Posting these picture was too much of a chore.  Why must folks keep changing things?


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      • No, it’s not. As I said, it’s something you have to be committed to because of the duration of the peeling, which varies from person to person. It truly is worth it though; my feet are STILL soft and feel great

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