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Day 8 — Someone who has made your life hell, or treated you like shit

See this question right here? I have pondered my mind thinking who has made my life a living hell and treated me like shit and frankly I can’t come up with a person. Now if you asking me about an employer, I got two, but I will only talk about one.

I used to work for an attorney many, many moons ago. I can’t forget our interview because I kept wondering why the hell he kept making faces at me and after the interview I thought he was weird. Really weird. However it was an opportunity to garner experience and more money. Who doesn’t love more money? So when I got the call I had the job I was happy on one hand but apprehensive on the other hand because that man was weird and I can’t say that enough.

I excelled working with him. He loved my organizational skills and how hard I worked on his cases. Only thing was, he had a lot of turnover. I was there a month and the Office Manager, legal secretary, file clerk and nurse either quit or were fired. Not to mention he would work in the office over the weekend and sometimes you would come to work and your cubicle was destroyed because he was mad at something you had done wrong. I wasn’t a victim of that madness but I watched it happen over and over again. When he hired a nurse, who is still my friend to this day, he seemed to mellow out and she had an effect on lightening his mood. And the first year our bonus was amazing, gift cards, money and gift certificates in fact he had gone overboard, but I loved it.

Then the slamming of the doors began again, paperwork on the floor and screaming matches with the nurse and him were becoming more frequent. Then one day he had the audacity to scream at me because the file clerk didn’t copy a record so he tried to blame me. And he didn’t know I holler back; never assume the quietness is because of meekness. Honestly, he was a tyrant and very abusive. I mean you know how your day was going to go by how he closed the door upon arrival. My goodness please don’t let him be in the office early. And the turnover began to happen again. I remember one day he was out of town for a hearing and the entire office went to lunch together just to have a moment of reprieve and guess who was there when we returned? Yeah, and he wasn’t happy.

When the nurse quit, I knew my time would be limited. I had gotten an upper respiratory infection which turned to bronchitis. I was sick for 3 months with the excessive coughing at night until I regurgitated. My doctor told me until I got rid of my stress I wasn’t going to get rid of the bronchitis. After talking with my aunt, I decided to take a leave of absence. When he approved it, I felt the weight lift off my shoulders. I was miserable and working for him just made me miserable. He really did like me and he actually paid for my graduate school, all of it. He didn’t want to lose me, but health wise I had to take some time away from the abusive environment it had become so hostile I saw how it was affecting me. I have never been one to cower down, but working for him had me scared and nervous all the damn time.

But the 2nd week of my leave of absence he had the bookkeeper to call me to see when I was coming back. I hadn’t been off but a week and I was still coughing and shit. I told her I didn’t know and in fact I was on my way to Disney World with my sister and I would call her back when I returned. When I got back from Disney World, I went to the office packed my two items (I had taken my personal stuff home the year before, it was that bad.), printed out some updated resumes and left my letter of resignation and key in the conference room. I was done. I didn’t feel bad I felt relief. And within two weeks the cough was gone. I didn’t get another job for 4 months, but I promise you I was working my current 2nd job like it was my fulltime job and I was happy and finally stress free.


9 thoughts on “Day 8 — Someone who has made your life hell, or treated you like shit

  1. Its amazing that there are people who can affect us to such a degree but theyre out there! Im so glad you got out. Lifes too short. I hope he changed. ?

  2. Hey, this is a great post. My daughter is going through the exact same thing right now except she doesn’t work for a lawyer. She even thought about going to law school. I’m gonna send your story to her!

    • I hope it helps her. I promise you the night I walked out the office for the last time I started feeling so much better. I refuse to work in those type conditions where my self-esteem feels trampled again.

  3. Glad you got out of a situation that was not a healthy one for you. It is often hard for people to leave a bad situation like the one you were in if you’re getting paid well.

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