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Day 17 — A book you’ve read that changed your views on something **Spoiler

Everlasting Love by Gay G. Gunn. It is one of those cheesy romance novels which I used to read all the time. However, unlike most romances which stick to a strict formula, this one did not. It was set in the beginning during the Vietnam War and the characters married prior to the husband being sent to Vietnam, but he didn’t return. The wife had to adjust to life as a widow and try moving on in her life. She struggles to let go of her past love, but eventually she does. At her office, there is an “old” man who was burned but managed to handle the elevator for her office and as sadden as she was about his situation she was drawn to his personality and he was the highlight of her day. When she eventually opens her heart for love the readers realize the “old” man was her husband she thought had perished in the war, and because he knew she would have spent the rest of her life taking care of him, he with the help of her father, created a new life for him where he could still be a part of her life. When the day came for her to marry again, the husband passed on.

That story messed my damn head up. It was not your typical romance. It was so heartrending. It was a story I would have loved to see on screen because what the husband did may have seen wrong because she had to suffer the loss, but because he loved her that much he was willing to set her free. Until the day he died, he loved her. That story gave me a view of what true love can be. That there was infinite love, everlasting love and although she remarried knowing she had his approval helped her to truly move on in her life.

When I finished the book, which was late at night I was in bed crying, hard for a long time. I went to bed sniffling as if it was my life and I hadn’t experienced love on that level yet. Love is not some magical thing it is wrought with so many emotions, but true love is hardly definable.

By the way, I gave that book to my sister, which I know she never read. Even to this day, I cannot even attempt to read the story again. It was too real.


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