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Good Friday to you…

Let the gardening begin…


I hope you have all had a great week. I am tired today because it is raining yet again in good ole Montgomery. Mother Nature must not have accepted someone’s apology because we have had Summer, Spring, and Winter all in the last week. Repent whoever you are. Seriously.

Well when I leave here in the rain and cooler temperatures I am headed to my second job. However, I am off Sunday and this weekend I will be working on my garden. My dining room table is full of stuff for the garden and you can’t get out my back door because of all the soil I have in front of it. I am so glad I didn’t plant my geraniums last weekend because of the freezing weather on Wednesday.

I hope you have a great weekend. Yes, there are more posts for this challenge to be done so I will be posting all weekend. Let me be honest, they are already scheduled.

Scandal last night…wow!

TJM Show I am really disappointed in how you handled the situation this morning. If I were to believe what you said this morning on the radio without knowledge of the actually interview…You did exactly what most of the media does report what they want you to know, whether it is the whole truth or not. I try to not take pleasure in others misery because of karma.

Don’t forget A Day Late and A Dollar Short, based on Terry McMillan’s book, will be on Lifetime this weekend. I can’t wait!

I will be back next week with randoms, pictures and some more of my Happy!

Have a great weekend! Happy Easter! And a Good Friday to you…


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