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Last Weekend and This Week’s Ramblings…

First Bloom…Pink Rose

Oh what a lovely day as I sit in my office thinking how good it is that I only have one more day of angst regarding my civic duty of serving on a jury. Jury duty for the record sucks. I can’t stand waiting to do nothing. Time management people! Anyway, I almost, by the hair of my chin, got on a case and I do believe having the law degree kept me off this particular jury. Thank you Lord! Um, this case is going to go into next week, but Monday is a state holiday, so it really wasn’t going to work out for me.

How was your Easter? Mine was quiet but I was able to spend an exorbitant time working on my garden. I got my containers flowers done, my raised garden tolled and planted and it only took me 4 hours. Yeah, I was a sweaty, dirty mess. But it is done. I actually have seen a few sprouts growing so let the fun begin.

I finally got my hedge trimmer, so as soon as The Guy teaches me how to use them…I can keep the hedges up. Go me. I figure as soon as I find me a great hat that will fit my humongous head and a longer cord, I will be a boss. The weather here has been so pleasant spending time outside has been really good for my psyche.

I smoked a pork butt all day on Sunday and had a really good meal. After spending hours working on my garden I finally was able to take a bath and planned to take an hour nap, well somehow an hour turned to 2+ hours. WTH? Knowing I need to go to sleep to be ready for jury duty on Monday. Not cool but it worked out.

I have a busy weekend ahead Joy to Walk, book club meeting and working in the garden. I can’t wait. Anyway wanted to check in with a little rambling.

Gardening 2014 Raised and Container gardening…



4 thoughts on “Last Weekend and This Week’s Ramblings…

  1. We started our gardening project last weekend too. I’m looking forward to getting things planted and then watching them grow. My daughters lilies are starting to sprout. I’m super happy about that. The hops have already started to grow with quite a vengeance, so the yield should be twice was it was last year and be ready for a batch of home brewed beer! Yum 🙂

    • I love the idea of planting something and nurturing it until it grows. Flowers, vegetables and plants answer that need for me. At the end of the season, I always say I am not going to do a garden the next year and then about February or March I start making my gardening list. LOL!

      • The hops are taking off and I had to start ‘training’ one of them on Sunday. It was fun to see how they’re growing and know that there’ll be a reward. Keep returning to the earth what it’s giving you I say. ^5

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