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Randoms…From April Through to Mother’s Day!

April 26, 2014


You are probably thinking I haven’t been blogging because of that 30 day challenge. Um, not quite. Last week we had strong storms in our area and blogging wasn’t on my list of things to do. Then the IE vulnerability shut me down on the internet at work, we were on lock down! The hell? And actually they haven’t truly released us, but since I know we got the patch late Thursday night…I still have limited my internet access, but baby I didn’t realize how much I couldn’t focus until I had to do without it. Seriously, I got to work last Friday saw no patch and was out of here at lunch.

On April 26th was the Walk of Life for breast cancer awareness, I volunteered again. As much as I want to walk, I despise the certified course. It is filled with multiple hills and the course is weird, there is no other way to describe it. I was on the 3rd to the last corner and baby; folks were tired and were like this was their first and last time doing this course. I really wish they would consider some changes to it, but I doubt they will. This year was very disorganized as far as the volunteers. The volunteer coordinator is brand new to the position this year and they were late giving out assignments and contacting volunteers. People, they even turned down volunteers which is not a good thing. Volunteers change their mind at the very last minute. I was on the course and there were 18 streets to cover, but we only had 11 people. Yes, 7 people backed out at the last minute. Then we had these two ladies who refused to be separated. First of all, they were younger than me, but grown as hell. Second, we are volunteers and no one is guaranteed to be partnered with someone or even a friend. I have done it twice by myself. And they acted like little kids saying they only had one bag of snacks and drinks. Um, you will not need to be eating and drinking on the course because there are no restrooms and you are supposed to be directing folks. They knew they were wrong because they asked my girlfriend if the volunteer in charge of the race volunteers said anything about them. GOOHWTBS! That was the only negative thing about this year. The turnout wasn’t as large as the year before, but I enjoyed myself and it was for a good cause. I wish folks would remember why they volunteer.

We also had our book club meeting on that Saturday, which is also our annual business meeting date where we discuss business for the upcoming year.   We finalize our syllabus, sign up to host meetings and plan our community service and bonding activities. And for the first time in 4 years, we are bringing in potential new members. We had a great meeting.

My Weekend in Pictures…April 26, 2014

My niece is on a WSSU multi-city choir concert tour. Then she will be heading to Africa to sing. I am so proud of her.

My cousin who just finished his freshman year at Troy University just earned The Outstanding Freshman of the Year and just did his probate and is officially a Kappa like his oldest brother and his father. He is going to have an amazing life. He is talented, intelligent, and mature and I know his future is going to be great. He is also an Uncle now.

His oldest brother, who is almost finished with college, just had a baby girl, Milan. He looked so mature and loving in the pictures of him holding his daughter. I am still waiting on the family announcement. My cousin posted the pictures and folks thought one of her sons had a baby. Not.

My cousin is a Delta, my aunt’s oldest daughter. So happy for her. She did it on her own terms and time. Since she retired in March, she wanted to have time to devote to sorority things.

Hunny Bunny is blind as a bat. (Her mama’s words.) She got her glasses yesterday and she said she didn’t realize things were supposed to look so clear. Wow…Kinda like when I got my first glasses I said, “Ooh, the colors, the colors are so bright!” I really did.

My brand new Delta cousin came by the house earlier this week and she had to call me to get out of the house because she forgot how to arm the alarm. Sighing…my response, “You didn’t cut off my TVs or my lights?” When I got home from work, I came home to my stadium bright motion lights complete off, she turned them off trying to turn the fan off in the den. Really? Smdh!

My sister is headed to VA in a few and guess who has to have their own seat? Yep, Lala. I cannot wait to hear how that turns out. Lala gonna turn Southwest out…LOL!

Speaking of Birthdayzilla she wants to do a dance to Drunk in Love, without the profanity and take some weird topless picture during a photo shoot in NOLA. I can’t with her. The poor photographer is going to be traumatize and she ain’t choreographing this dance so ain’t no telling what it is going to look like. Talking about I know all the moves from this youtube video she shared with me…I can’t.

So to remind her I can’t with her, I sent Birthdayzilla a random amount of money for payment when you told me not to send any money because she will not be able to deal with it until after she returns. As I told her, it was her problem not mine. Torturing folks. I did talk her down from designing a t-shirt.

I spent 4 hours on my laptop last night trying to catch up on my internet stuff. You know blogs, online orders and bills. Things I take care of at work. I can’t.

My yard is looking like a jungle. My yard guy was supposed to come on Thursday, but he didn’t make it out and guess what? It is going to rain Friday and Saturday. Ugh…I really do not know what this summer is going to bring, but if it is more rain…I am just going to pray.

The Guy gave me some great wine glasses and if it wasn’t for these damn points I would be drinking wine every night.   Don’t be jealous…LOL!

My Scandal Glasses…I am a Gladiator Y’all!

He also presented them to me as he showed me his new tattoo, his first tattoo that he didn’t tell me he had. Men do so much. I should have known something was up, but he forgets my peripheral vision on my left side isn’t great so it took me a minute to see the tattoo and when I did…I got mad. He didn’t tell me! I wasn’t upset about the tattoo, because it has sentimental value for him, plus I cannot trip on tattoos since I have 4 and in dire need of a fifth one, I was mad because he kept it a secret. Geez! Then he kept complaining my house was hot, he had to go home because I was cold. LOL!

The Guy’s tattoo…I ain’t made anymore! LOL!


I do not have much planned for the weekend. I work. I run errands. I need to buy a rake, I will explain in a Gardening Tale. SMH! I am supposed to be trained on the proper way to trim hedges by The Guy. And rest. Oh, I will finish Cinnamon Kiss by Walter Mosley, it is so good. I forget how much I love Easy Rawlings until I pick up a book and fall right back in time with a middle age man who exudes sex appeal and a penchant for solving a crime.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Randoms…From April Through to Mother’s Day!

  1. Thanks for being a volunteer for the race. On my race today one of the volunteers holding a sign to direct us was a gentleman who had oxygen to help him breath. His being there reminded me of the effort the volunteers put forth standing in their assigned spot from the first to the the last racer. Unlike a race there don’t get to leave when “they finish” they finish when the last one goes by. Because of “meeting” this man on my race today I took time to thank each race volunteer today along my course. They are as critical to the race as the racers who show up.

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