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Garden Tales Part 2

First Red Rose of the Season…


I think I mentioned recently the guy who does my yard, who does a great job, decided to up the cost of cutting my hedges.  In my infinite wisdom, I decided I would purchase a hedge trimmer and start maintaining them myself, because I am already out in the garden most evenings after work.  Right now most of my work is just watering, weeding and feeding my plants because they are in the sprouting and growing stage.  So what’s an hour a couple days a month spent trimming my hedges.

First of all, I really didn’t prepare properly.  I had the trimmers, I had trash bags and outdoor extension cords thanks to my days of putting Christmas lights on the house back in the day.  I really blew off having a rake and mouth/nose shield.  How big were the limbs I would be cutting and wouldn’t they all fall in the same area and how hard would it be to put them in the bags?  Wrong, wrong, and wrong!

Also, I really should have waited on The Guy to show me how to really use the trimmers.  I am so impatient, but the hedges were starting to look foolish.

I have allergies and I do not know all the things I am allergic to.  Insurance doesn’t cover the testing and I guess until I have severe attack I will not know.  After about 15 minutes or so of cutting the hedges, I started sneezing.  Probably at a rate of every ten minutes.  Shit.  Sneezing with my bladder is TMI.  Yeah.

When you trim hedges you are trimming leaves?  Duh?  So yeah you can easily pick up the limbs, but those little bitty leaves, not so much.  A rake would have come in handy.

Because my hedges on the side of the house are tall, I need to use a ladder until I can get them down to where I really want them.  I didn’t even try to use a ladder, because I hate to be on the ladder and no one knows and I fall.  Just not cool or something I want to chance.  Sighing…so the hedges on the side were only half way done and the part that was done was only halfway finished because I needed a ladder to reach over further.  Those hedges need some help.

The ones on the front of the house were shorter, easier and more controllable.  They look great.  The smaller one on the side was okay to do, but I am determined to cut it down much lower, for more ease.  And I didn’t even tackle the one closest to the sidewalk.  I need to use a ladder; the guy who does my yard uses my ladder.

So now I am waiting on The Guy to come over and do training and the yard man to cut my grass because I will need a ladder to walk in my damn yard if he doesn’t hurry up and cut the grass.

FYI – I do have a lot of hedges and they are difficult to handle if not properly maintained.  They have to be cut a least once a month or you are going to be mad.  The initial cut for the season takes a bit longer than usual and this year it took my yard guy 3 hours, but baby my yard was the envy of the street.  So him upping the price I understood, but being a single person who maintains a home alone, adding another $100 a month to that budget wasn’t going to happen.  I am traveling this year and I will have a proper vacation.  Sorry I didn’t take any pictures but hell, you can’t see the difference the feet tall grass/weeds…sighing…


6 thoughts on “Garden Tales Part 2

  1. You are brave for tackling this project especially with the whole unknown trial and error allergy thing going on. I HATE yard work!! My husband wants a yard some day and all I see is another chore on the weekend.

    • I like to garden, yard work isn’t something I love either. But it has to get done. And when he cut my hedges he was talking about not needed to cut them until July…no way and way too long. All I know is I am allergic to a couple of things and more specific I will not find out until I have a reaction.

  2. Haha, this sounds like something I would do … just not garden work since I have awful allergies and a brown thumb. When we lived in Albany Sean would do it and I would give him lemonade and make dinner.

    But yea, you are seriously awesome for giving it a shot!

  3. Yardwork. For me that means getting that grass cut and trimming down the hedges. I need the hedges trimmed down about a foot, but I think I need a chainsaw for that. For now, I do the best I can with my electric trimmers… I put on some earth wind and fire and do the best I can.

    A couple of weeks ago, my yard, front and back, was meticulously cut and trimmed. Turned out it was my neighbor. Thankful for that!

    No more gardening for me, even though I loved it. I just couldn’t take the high water bill. But I tell you, veggies from your own garden are some of the best veggies ever!!

  4. Ladylee!!!! I am doing a happy dance because you commented on my blog…I need to get a life. Yard work really isn’t my thing…my uncle told me no one would marry me if I had callouses on my hands. And he was dead serious. SMH! I love to garden because it soothes my stress and relaxes me. I only do container gardening and the raised garden because I live by my budget and if my water bill went over budget that would be the end of that. My yard guy asked if I think about watering the grass especially two years ago, I was like no. Just keep it cut being green will only happen by God’s rain. And God heard me last year…Thanks for stopping through!

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