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Choose Happy…Not Cranky

I swear I didn’t wake up like this.  What is this?  I am cranky and irritable as hell.  It makes absolutely no sense.  But the moment I stepped out of my front door, shit has been declining.

I was off yesterday to take care of business that I can’t do on the weekends.  However, I woke up with big plans to cut my hedges and run the errands.  Well…I woke up and realized I slept wrong, dead ass wrong.  My hip was hurting and inflamed.  You know how I knew? Because air touching it hurt.  The sheets made it hurt.  I managed to force myself out of bed but I knew my day was not going to be one of huge accomplishments.  I took some ibuprofen and was able to run a couple of errands before I had to get home and rest the hip.  Really, I slept wrong.  I do not want to think age is creeping up on me.

This morning after dosing up on meds last night, my hip was tolerable.  At least the air didn’t hurt when it blew across it.  I managed to get out of the house at a decent time only to realize there was a train.  FML!  I had two choices to wait on the train to finish or go around, which takes about 5 minutes.  I waited and in 5 minutes the train was finished.  I get to work and managed to limp into my office.

I get here and I have a message waiting and tons of emails.  Now if I had been here yesterday, I wouldn’t have gotten half of the emails I had this morning.  Then my phone starts ringing.  I start saying over and over peace and faith.  Faith and peace.  I choose happy.  Whoosah!

It took me 30 minutes to get back on Westlaw, because someone inadvertently removed me from the list of approved users when the contract was redone two weeks ago.  So that added to my frustration.  It is my job to do research and going to the Supreme Court library for some of the things I do, would be ridiculous.

Then I get a call from a co-worker asking me stupid shit and arguing with me about a simple form, that I need because without it I can’t close the file.  Why are you arguing with me?  Call the sheriff’s department and have him arrested for failure to register so I can close the damn file!

I choose happy…I choose happy…I choose happy…I choose happy…I choose happy…I choose happy!

It is afternoon and I am in a much better mood.  I am hoping you will have a wonderful weekend and if it is a long one, make the most of it and choose happy!


3 thoughts on “Choose Happy…Not Cranky

  1. God i hate those days. They start out bad and get worse. Freakin A!!! But they end! Woohoo! Except the hip pain. Thats gonna take a while. Dang! Im hopin for the best for you. Get some ice cream tonight!

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