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My Week…

This week started off grand.  I was off on Monday and spent some quiet time in my garden thanking the men and women, some include family, for their service.  I had a wonderful day of gardening, rest and hours upon hours of Criminal Minds.  Not sure what that says about me, but hey I enjoyed the peace.

Tuesday I was ready for work and for the most part, except all the work on my desk that I slowly and methodically cleared off, it was a good day.  Then I went to my second job and got mad.  And it wasn’t even the workers that made my good day turn disappointing.

Wednesday I am sitting at my desk feeling sorry for myself and mad as fire and I hear Tom Joyner announce Maya Angelou had passed.  So now I am sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my face.  And as with any celebrity or well-known icon, FB becomes a social media site of melancholy.  I was just done.  I worked out extra hard that day so my disposition would become lighter, happier.  Later that night, my heart broke some more after hearing some family information.  I was floored.  Just floored.

Thursday I choose to be happy, but I realized I was still unhappy from Tuesday.  The disappointment had me ready to take to my bed, and then I remembered I told God that morning I was giving it to Him.  If I was going to worry, then I wasn’t trusting and my Faith wasn’t strong enough.  So I just breathed and Let Go and Let God!

And today is a new day.  I am choosing to be happy.  Yeah, I got paid and then I paid bills and my checking account looks like I never got paid, but I am thankful I was able to pay the bills I could.  I am smiling and laughing today.  I am laughing again at my sister who called me yesterday asking me why her child hadn’t called her from Africa yet.  I was my usual dry self and said let me google the travel time and was like she probably hasn’t gotten there yet or she is trying to get settled.  And not more than 10 minutes later a tagged message on FB announced to her folks she was there and her phone wouldn’t let her text out.  I laughed because a friend told me that between my sister and me we can find anything out about anybody.  I research for a living.  I am laughing again about the fact something is eating my damn Coleus plant leaves and they can’t even grow in damn peace.  Or my cousin texting on their way back home from Texas someone had passed gas in the vehicle and she was about to die, between being swung across the car every time a certain driver changed lanes.  I wish I could have seen the facial expressions. So even with a rough week, I am taking some time to be thankful, happy and smile like I have no cares in the world.

I will be back with some randoms in a few…


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