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Two Weeks’ Worth of Randoms…Aren’t You Lucky?

Yeah, I should have done some of these a week ago, but hell life got in the way.

On May 17, 2014, I went to the grocery store for one thing in particular and that was the on sale crab legs.  I had been thinking about those crab legs since the sale was announced in the Wednesday paper.  Why did I get to the seafood counter and not one leg or cluster in sight?  Now, there were two male workers standing around talking so you know I went into flirt mode.  They told me they were out of crab legs.  Really, oh hell no!  Basically, I went into this whole spiel of how my day was ruined and this was the only highlight for my weekend.  I think my words were this was the worse day ever…too much?  Well, they went in the back and came back with bags and bags of crab legs.  Yes, it worked and I was happy.  Now my sister and The Guy thought I was foul for sending them pictures of my meal, but I was happy.

My crab legs…

My tomatoes are coming along.  Pretty cool since I had to plant Sweet Cherry and Heirlooms this year.  We will see how they work.

Little Cherry tomatoes


Do you know for weeks on Monday I have come home and watched hours of Criminal Minds?  I am still disturbed by the episode when Hotch lost his wife.  Tears my nerves up every time.

Family trips can be fun, but sometimes the worry over the possibility of drama can be overwhelming. Shrugging…

One of my girlfriends got Sisterlocks and she is so excited.  And I am so dry.  So over it.  Maybe she will ignite my excitement because she is so excited…

This past weekend I had to fire a cashier.  Over the phone.  Sighing…

You know I haven’t attempted to cut the hedges since the first time?  It is hot.  That is all.

And this week it rained every afternoon.  Like dog days.  It is raining right now or 2:52 pm.

I saw the hologram of Michael Jackson’s Billboard Awards performance.  I really can’t describe my feelings.  I was in awe and it reminded me Michael is gone y’all, but then it was also creepy!

I do not like most of the Reality shows folks like on FB.  Ugh!

Y’all see they are moving Scandal up an hour the new Shonda show, How To Get Away With Murder on the next hour.  I don’t know how that is going to work, because if Scandal can get back to its Season 2 drama and stress level, I ain’t going to be calm enough to watch the new show, which looks great.

June Bring It will be back on. Yes!

I grilled on Sunday for Memorial Day.  I don’t want any more barbecue for a while.

Ribs, turkey burgers, turkey dogs, corn and grilled squash, zucchini and onions


My niece is South Africa with her choir.  She was excited, and then she was mad at Brian in Texas for T-Mo, because he hadn’t fixed her texting issue.  Kinda like Jake from State Farm.  Well, it is funny to me.

Caitlyn … Day !


I was going to go to the local Virgi.na College to let them wash my hair, but after my one of my friend’s experiences…I will pass.

Well I have book club Saturday.  Potential new members will attend.  Sunday I will work on my garden and cleaning the house.  Oh and Monday is a state holiday, but I have my annual eye appointment.  Actually I am a month late, but I didn’t want to make too many trips to Shorter as I call it. Gas is high, yo!

Anyway, I will let the pictures close this rambling of randoms.  Have a great weekend!  I plan to, despite this quirky week…


My nieces…Lala, Caitlyn and Hunny Bunny after the WSSU Choir performance in DC.


Carson, his smile and his bike…


Lala and Hunny Bunny…


I love this picture of Caitlyn and Lala…Caitlyn titled it Real Love.



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