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Garden Tales Part 3

Hybrid Tea Rose – Tyler




Well the cayenne works, if you put it down regularly since the rain and sun will destroy its potency.  Yes, I went out to check on my garden after a couple of days of rain and again noticed some digging around in my raised bed.  Yep, cat shit.  However, this time I was armed with tools and after digging it out and getting rid of it I had to rearm my garden.  This is going to get old real quick.

I found one of those small barrel like planters and I had designed it to have Coleus around the sides and varieties of voila mostly purple.  Well…the Coleus were the only ones to grow and guess what?  Only half came up.  What the hell?  And none of the voilas came up. None.  And when I though the Coleus’ were going to grow into these beautiful leaves and such guess what?  Something is eating the damn leaves.  I am so mad.  I really wanted to grow them and something will not let me be great.  My big plans for the barrel are ruined.  I planted some petunias in there and we will see how it will work, but I am so disappointed.


And the disappointment is short lived because look at the garden now?  What what…








2 thoughts on “Garden Tales Part 3

    • Faith, I wish there was a way too, but the cat is so bold she hangs around several neighbors yard and you know you would think she would go on about her business when you approach. Not. She stands there looking at me like I don’t pay the bills. Aggravating.

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