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Hodge Podge…Randoms

Zinnas are blooming!


Don’t make me mad.  No really.  I am commending myself for not becoming ratchet and focused the ill feelings on trimming my hedges and cleaning.  I think I made God proud.  As irritated as I was this past week, I appeared calm, cool and collected.  Whoosah!  I need to finish the larger hedges so I will find something to irritate me this weekend.

I put the digital adapters on my television.  No I do not have digital cable, because hell, I ain’t paying to have a bunch of stations I will not watch.  However, my service provider is converting to digital so those of us with analog had to get with the program.  Now I lost my damn HBO and Showtime.  Asses.  Then I thought about it and realized I wasn’t really watching them.  I only watched Showtime for Shameless.  I only watched HBO for documentaries.  Y’all welcome me to Netflix…next month.  LOL!

Why was I sweating putting in the adapters?  I had to move large furniture and then when you do that you want to vacuum and dust while you are at it.  SMH!

We had a great book club meeting.  Let me rephrase that, every member was in attendance!  This hasn’t happened in years.  Years.  Everyone was there and the two new potential members were also in attendance.  Come close to your computer or device, I am whispering…I was impressed with everyone there, but baby I like when the group is smaller.  Less competing to be heard and hell it ain’t as loud.

Book Club Meeting 5/31/14

If you ever want to join our book club, don’t miss too many meetings because they will never let you live it down.  Ask Julie.

We took a group picture.  I am still waiting on my copy…sighing.

I just had to turn down a request about joining the book club.

Saturday I noticed what I thought was a rock on my front porch.  I looked closer and realized it was an egg.  I took a picture of it and left it alone.  Then Hunny Bunny tells me it could be a lizard’s egg.  She doesn’t like me very much.  I didn’t bother that egg, then the other day when I got home and a bird, most likely, cracked the shell.  So no baby bird.

Bird’s Egg

My Portulaca’s are blooming.  I loved these flowers because they look like small roses.  My garden is doing well.  I must take pictures of all the tomatoes I have now.  I must be patient and hopefully they will turn soon.  Tomatoes are ridiculous in the grocery stores right now.


Portulaca aka Moss Roses




Strippy Heirloom Tomato…Showing it now because you know how bugs love my tomatoes…


I finally decided on my sister’s birthday gift.  Why am I so indecisive in my older age? Sighing…

The Guy said I did a good job on my hedges.  He is still going to teach me how to do it properly.  Go me!

I was supposed to finish this rambling of randoms on Friday, but I didn’t get a chance to.

I sent my Sisterlock consultant a link to a YouTube video where the young lady cuts her locks to armpit length.  You think she is going to acquiesce and cut my hair?  I am only talking bra strap length.  If not, the video is great because she placed rubber bands where she wanted to cut her hair and using scissors, she cut it and she was quite happy.  She answered one of my questions was whether it would unravel and her response was when you have mature locks they will not unravel and it has been a year since she cut her hair.  I just want to curl and style my hair because right now I am thinning some of my locks by wearing it constantly in buns because of the length and hell it is HOT now!

I had my annual eye appointment last week.  Bless my poor eye doctor, it is so traumatizing for him to see me.  He still feels weird about how quickly my eye changed in less than a month’s time.  My eyes are stable and we changed my contacts from the 30 day wear to dailies because frankly I rarely wear my contacts unless it is for social events and some weekends.  Did you know they make the multifocal dailies now?  Well, don’t try to purchase them because you will have a hard time finding them. 1800, doesn’t have them yet.  I know, right?  And the ones I found only want to sell 3 packs at a time and um, no.  LOL!

My sister is beyond the Birthdayzilla phase.  I asked a simple question about the cupcakes she wants and this almost 40 year old woman, started fussing about folks not helping her and yada, yada.  I reminded her I ain’t going to listen to too much more of fussing…got me twisted.  Okay, I told her to strip the menu down because the testosterone of the men and their grill skills was going to be too much.  And I just needed to know how far in advance should the cupcakes be ordered?

My niece returned from South Africa enlightened and blessed.  Experiencing a different culture and recognizing how much one takes for granted is edifying.

Caitlyn in South Africa

My neighborhood.  I get home from work Saturday night and I couldn’t pull into my driveway because they were having an adult argument/fight about their kids.  Why the hell were they in front of my driveway?  I literally had to pull in and pray nothing happened while I tried to get in my house.  I had my phone ready to call the police.  As soon as I pulled into the driveway, they dispersed but it took a few more minutes because I had to try to steer clear of the damn frog jumping around my front porch.  I don’t like frogs.  Ugh!  Anyway, by the time I got the alarm off and got back to the front door they were all gone.  Seriously, there were about 15 folks in front of my driveway and several were teenagers and that was just disconcerting.  Later after I had relaxed, it dawned on me they were in front of my house because my house is the only house lit up on my street…God brought me home at that time to break up a tense situation that was headed to more volatile proportions.

Another thought, stop letting the streets babysit your children.  The kids are about 8 to 10 years old and they are outside and away from their homes from the time the sun comes up until the sun goes down.  They only go home because their playmates parents send them home because they aren’t going to feed and supply water for them all day.  I have seen 3 of the young boys at the Walmart which is a good 7 miles or a little bit more away on their bikes.  Raise your children!

I had a strange interview recently and the guy was arguing with me during the interview.  Really?  It was a way of avoiding my direct questions about employment gaps.

There is so much violence going on in this country or maybe it is because of media it more information can be disseminated so quickly.  I mean in the last week 3 officers were killed senselessly.

Monday’s are so hard, but I am pushing through so my happiness shines through.  Have a great week!

Closing with my Portulaca plant…


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