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My Teenage Love Affair With Ricky Bell…A Fairytale

Sometimes I write concise pieces and unless you go to my book club website you never get to know that I write more than randoms.  I actually write.  Really.  Here is a piece I wrote and my sister asked what was the purpose of the whole story and this is what I said, “…the point, he wasn’t Ricky Bell and life is not a fairytale.  He became a mud turtle. LOL!”




Ricky Bell, New Edition

My Teenage Love Affair With Ricky Bell…A Fairytale

It was my second summer without my mother and I was still adjusting to being an only child to older guardians. The previous summer I did absolutely nothing but meet a few folks from the neighborhood and watch insane amounts of soap operas. And get fat. I had nothing else to do and the only highlight was a trip to Six Flags. This particular summer we had several family vacations planned and I was excited about going to Detroit and Cleveland. Especially Cleveland, because I had never been there and the anticipation of having some fun was intoxicating. My folks had boasted the experience would be one of dynamic dimensions. Note for the future: be on guard when folks brag about a vacation destination as a “must do,” chances are they are exaggerating.

We drove all night and of course I was sleep before we reached the first major city. All night traveling was easy for me since hopefully by daybreak we would already be at our destination. We arrived late afternoon due to the numerous stops for bathroom and eating breaks. I was glad to be in Cleveland, but I started looking at my family with a side-eye because Cleveland was dirty. I was being jostled constantly because undoubtedly, the city didn’t think maintaining their roads were a priority. We arrived at my Aunt’s sister’s house, where we would bunk for the few days we would be there. The house was huge and typical of Cleveland homes which tend to have an income suite and this was no different except a family member lived in the basement. The fact the house was a bit cluttered for my taste didn’t bother me because I was just excited to be on vacation.

After a day or so, I realized this wasn’t going to be the world wind excitement I had envisioned. There were no folks around my age and I am sorry hanging with a 12 year old when you are 15 just wasn’t fun; we had nothing in common. Then my aunt’s other sister arrived with their two adopted sons who were around my age. I knew things were going to look up and I was going to finally have some fun. And the family seemed to encourage us hanging out together. I immediately was taken with the older brother because he looked like the love of my life at the time, Ricky Bell of New Edition. Be still my heart! Now don’t get me wrong, the younger brother was cute too and he was also enchanted with my being, but he didn’t look like any celebrity I knew. So for a few days we hung out and had a great time, however, you know when young folks have little supervision and nothing grand to do, you find yourselves getting really close. You know? Like kissing close. Yep, I got to improve my kissing skills with “Ricky.” Okay not really “Ricky,” but you get the gist. I was living out a fantasy. And when they had to leave to return to Indiana, that last kiss was as passionate as the ones you saw on the soap operas. My first summer fling.

The summer vacation brought me to my first love (okay not really, but roll with me here). That summer vacation allowed me to experience a new city and what it had to offer, even if it wasn’t that much. I also learned family doesn’t care if you are family or not because they will steal money out your purse regardless. Yeah, the family member who lived in the basement had real sticky fingers because she stole money out of all our damn purses.

The next summer “Ricky” or the Ricky lookalike visited my hometown and we were able to rekindle our summer romance. I even wore my cute one piece bathing suit to the pool so he could admire my sexiness. His poor brother didn’t realize he wasn’t in the running for my heart, because he kept trying to win me over. He just didn’t look like “Ricky.”

And for summers to follow until we were both grown we basically rekindled the romance and it was always the highlight of my summer, because he looked so much like Ricky Bell. Then the summer where we were all grown, “Ricky” and his brother decided to move to my home town. It was then I realized he may look like “Ricky,” but he wasn’t really my type. He was cute, but lawdy I guess we didn’t do much talking between all that kissing because he was not that bright. Like kind of dumb. As much as I wanted us to be a couple, he just didn’t make the grade. And that is the summer I realized he wasn’t Ricky Bell and even though he could sing his ass off really, he um, wasn’t a good fit for me. The dream of us living happily ever after vanished as quickly as the change of address kicked in.

Years later I would see him again and there wasn’t a spark of anything. I saw life wasn’t making living easy for him, because he looked like he been rode hard and put up wet. I breathed a sigh of relief because I dodged that bullet and my aunt said, “You ought to be glad you didn’t get with that mud turtle.” Goes to prove summer romances are not like fairytales because kissing the frog doesn’t make him a prince, just a mud turtle. The End.

(c) Cashana Seals 2013


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