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Garden Tales Part 4

Lincoln Rose Fully Opened

I know you are wondering how the gardening is going.  Or, probably not.  I figured I needed to do a blog post.  I haven’t been inspired to write anything this week.  It is my obligatory week of whining, ill-temper, mean- spirited, middle finger up all the time and weepy moments’ kinda week.  But my garden, gives me a few moments of serenity.

Sunflowers and Tomatoes and what you can’t see are the Zinnias and Marigolds!

I am pleased to announce that the feral cat hasn’t been digging in my raised garden.  His or her ass likes my planters on my front porch.  No Bueno!  Good thing is my geraniums are spreading in the planter which will make it difficult to do any cat digging damage.

6/18/14 haul…


First haul…yeah two! 6/12/14


I have been eating tomatoes in my salads.  I didn’t plant my usual grape tomatoes, but the ones I could find which were Sweetest Cherry and Strippy Heirlooms.  I prefer my grape tomatoes.  The cherry tomatoes will not have as long of shelf life as the grape tomatoes.  When I pick them, they are already soft and I like a firm tomato and these cherry ones aren’t it doing for me.  They are tasty though.  The strippy heirlooms are still growing, there is no telling how long it will take for them to ripen, but we are going to hope the do so before my vacation and before the worms get them.  I am still shell shocked from my 2010 attempt to grow Big Boys and a worm ate every tomato and the crackhead stole the only one that may have ripen.  Yeah, I am still salty about that incident.  Someone should have taken a picture of my face as I realized a worm had eaten a bit or two out of every last tomato on the plant.  Moving on…

Strippy Heirloom, bigger than it looks…

My flowers are doing well.  I probably will always plant Zinnias because they are so pretty and are quite hearty.  At least this year I have a few more colors because last year’s batch was only fuchsia.  This year I have red, orange, purple, fuchsia and yellow.

My flowers and see my basil!

My coleus is being great!  Whatever was eating its leaves decided to leave them alone as they continue to grow without looking like food for insects.  We will see if the petunias and violas finally grow though.

Coleus…looking at it being great!

The roses are still blooming, but because of the frequent rain a couple of weeks ago, I am struggling to control the black spot that is afflicting them.  So back to good old Google for some help.  I think I am going to have to put in some extra money to help with the situation.  I was using this spray that worked remarkably, but if the spray didn’t set it didn’t work and I would spray and it would rain and the black spot would spread and that is the concern.  It can ruin your rosebush.  Any suggestions from gardeners?  I love my roses but not sure what I can do to eradicate the problem. (I just read that spraying weekly with a solution of 1 part milk and 2 parts water works! Adding milk to this week’s grocery list…)

Lincoln Rosebud…

My basil is out of control, but the smell is OMG!  Amazing!

See the bees love my Portulaca’s…






2 thoughts on “Garden Tales Part 4

  1. That rose is stunning!

    I’m glad that cat has stopped doing his business in your garden!
    I haven’t been in the mood to write this week either … it’s like my brain refuses to work after I get off of work ….

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