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For All That Is Beautiful and Glorious…Please and Thank You

The other week Cece from Pink Sunshine wrote a few things about how not be annoyed by social media, and she gives some great points.  Yet, I find myself wanting to send folks to a list of things that bother me terribly.  I wish the folks on my timeline would read it and take heed.  Because right now, a few folks are on my last vital nerve!

I go on FB to waste time or give me something to do when I am bored and don’t want to start reading a book only to have to stop abruptly.  It is a fun place to catch up with folks, get a few giggles or outright laughs and get a little inspiration when you are going through some things.  However, some folks on my timeline are just plain disrespectful.  Now mind you some of these folks are relatives, others are acquaintances, lots of authors on my list and some real friends.  Here’s a bit of a caveat, I do not have 200 friends because seriously I do not want all that mess on my timeline and seriously they really aren’t my friends.  So you can understand why I am not on Twitter because seriously I can’t be bothered to care enough about what a person is eating, doing or being at any given time.  Frankly, between working and living I can’t be attached to any more social media.

There are a few things I wish my so called “friends” would abide by:

  • For the authors who use the apps to post the same thing twice a day.  Stop.  I ain’t paying it any attention on my timeline.  Frankly, I am mad it is keeping me from seeing something more interesting than you have a blog that you rarely blog on.
  • To my cousins, please for the love of God stop liking the pictures of babies and those with some type of medical affliction where I have to see such grotesque pictures of folks I do not know!
  • To my cousins stop liking the videos of folks having s.ex.  Those are scams and all y’all have viruses on your computers and tablets.
  • Before you share a video of someone’s wig falling off, a person falling asleep or something like that, remember this if it is on your timeline and we have many of the same friends, I don’t need you to share it.  I have already seen it and one time is enough.  Please and thank you.
  • Before you share a news story please make sure it isn’t a satirical article.  Make sure it is real.  Make sure it isn’t months old.  In other words stop posting misinformation!
  • Bitstrips are no longer cute.
  • Stop fighting on FB.  If there is a problem, take it offline and stop making us a witness to your situations.
  • If I can discern your current issues, problems based on the memes and so called inspirational messages; I need you to stop it.  Now.
  • Stop putting your personal information out there if you do not want anyone to comment on it or judge you.  You set yourself up.
  • Stop posting for attention.
  • Stop posting you are going on vacation.
  • The authors on my friend’s list are folks I have read or intend to read. I admire their hustle, however, when they fill my timeline up with a solicitation to vote for their book, which I haven’t read so they can win a contrived award, I am offended. I vote for books I have read, not because I like you as an author. Do you want to win because your work is good or because folks are followers and are voting because you asked them to?
  • I want all the authors to make the NY Time’s Best Seller’s list, but for some reason when you send me multiple email blasts saying purchase and pre-order my book so you can make the list, I feel some kinda way about it. I have this misguided notions writers do it for the love of the craft and validation comes from the readers not a list that doesn’t take into account how well the book is crafted, the storyline and the merits of the author and the book, but on how many folks purchased the book. I guess purchasing it is better than never reading it.
  • Potential employees, please note I will seek out your social media pages. Heads up, I am not the only one who does this. So the booty shots and crotch shots are no Bueno. And the pictures of you taking it to the head are problematic as well.
  • Do not post about a celebrities death, unless you got confirmation from a reliable news source.
  • I was really enjoying the gospel challenge until folks started posting their acceptance of the challenge knowing full well they cannot hold a note in a bucket.
  • The Kermit meme’s were funny now…I am starting to side-eye them.
  • Finally, the only thing you can glean from my fb posts is basically nothing of interest. Keep it moving because there nothing about relationships, fights with family, gossip, salacious pictures, my jobs, my money, my sadness, my health or my real business. As my sister says, ‘your page is boring.’ You are welcome!

4 thoughts on “For All That Is Beautiful and Glorious…Please and Thank You

  1. Amen! Amen! Amen! I so feel you hun. I’ve had these thoughts/feelings ad nauseum. I rarely post anything on my FB and have unfollowed a good majority of people who are “friends”. I KNOW hundreds of people, but most assuredly, very FEW are actual friends and that includes family members. I’m also annoyed by folk who’ll inbox out of the blue since they’re not in my “friends” list. Da cuss? We Do.Not.Commumicate.For.A. Reasom damn it!

    Ugh! to Facebook. I don’t have Twitter either

    • It can be too much. My sister and I talk about the posting of our mutual friends and shake our heads most of the time. Folks know not to tag me on anything because I ain’t playing. I should have put something about if one more person invites me to play a game…LOL! I remember seeing a close childhood friend a few years ago and I stood right by her and she didn’t recognize me, and she wanders why I haven’t taken her up on her offer to go out she DM me about on FB?

      • If people invested as much time into REAL life as they did into FB and other social media, they may find they could actually have a REAL life

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