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Randoms…For Independence Day!

Red Zinnas


I have been so uninspired to blog lately and that is so not me.  I have so many things I want to do before vacation and things to do when I return I think my mind is overwhelmed.  So these are probably more random than I need them to be.

This is how I am feeling about blogging…

My sister is behind on reading my blog and she said I should have cut the challenge down, because she can’t catch up.  Um, sister dear it was a challenge and I had to finish it.  You know the responsible part of my personality will not allow me to just quit.

Birthdayzilla’s trip is going to be monumental, but getting to the date is driving me crazy.  My sister sends out a monthly newsletter with all the pertinent information and my folks still call me with answered questions.  I don’t like that.  It is aggravating to me.  Reading is fundamental.  This is my last family trip.  I can’t with my folks.

Folks come to this blog a lot googling Simple Start.  Um, you all can stop coming I only did Simple Start for 2 weeks and I did WW for 3 months and I am done.  I lost 10 solid pounds.  I lost more and gained it back, but kept off the 10.  Why?  Because I got bored with my food choices, meaning I do not have time to spend in the kitchen cooking regularly so I would eat a meal for 5 days.  And when I got tired of it I didn’t eat much or ate badly, which doesn’t help me.  My metabolism is slow and that is the key to My weight loss.

10 pounds with WW

I still haven’t cut my hair.  Time man.

I have to do a separate garden post, but it is going fine.  I accidently brought a worm into the house the other day when I brought in a few basil leaves.  I didn’t get all weird and scream, because it was small so I killed and threw it out and washed them damn leaves about 5 more times.  Yeah, the OCD part of me started tripping after that and if you could see how I looked at each individual leaf over and over again…

Last week, I finally ventured into Sephora in our JCP.  I have never been to Sephora and my goodness!  I was so overwhelmed because they had too much stuff.  Luckily, I had a list of items I needed and with the help of the sales associate I was able to get my stuff and go.

See the eye brows…

Been working on my eye brows and perfecting them using eye shadow.  I am tardy to the party.  I am still perfecting them because one has to find the perfect shape and learn to do it the same way every time you do them.  Once I become a pro at it, I can do them the same way during the week.  Chile, I don’t need any other reason to be late.

I also purchased their Manicure Booster because I used to polish my nails before my incessant need for my nail polish not to chip.  I stopped wearing acrylics over a decade ago, because I realized the harm the nail shops were doing to my nail bed.  Although I like putting on the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, it takes a minute to do them.  Well I have been testing the Manicure Booster on a neutral nail polish for a week because it is supposed to cut down on polish chipping.  If you look closely, after 7 days I only have a small chip at the top of the nail and a little wear on the side of the nail.  For me this is good, because I wash my hands constantly, I wash dishes and my goodness my baths last at least an hour.  I also didn’t have an overwhelming urge to take the polish off immediately from a chip.  And the chip happened today and the wear I noticed on the 5th day.  So not too shabby for a $21 clear polish, yes it is a bit expensive for nail polished but it is a primer and top coat and if it will keep my polish from chipping for more than a day, I say it is worth it.  Disclaimer:  This is my opinion and I didn’t get paid or compensated to give my opinion on the product.

Top is today photo. Bottom is last Thursday. Don’t laugh, but I clean my nails up in the bath…LOL!


I also finally did the Baby Foot on yesterday.  Let me say this, plan better than me.  Walking in those booties was not the business.  My sister bullied me into doing it sooner than Friday, which was when I was going to do it originally.  I will give a full review after the magic happens.  Right now my feet don’t look too cute.  One word of warning, take off any polish you have on your toenails…

Baby Foot

When I got home from work the other night my yard guy had come back to finish to the two tall hedges he wasn’t able to do 2 weeks ago, but he also cut my grass, which had just started to sport the weeds that day, and did the rest of my hedges.  I had to sit in my car and admire his work.  He didn’t tell me he was coming or anything and it was a grateful surprise.  Now I gotta pay him, but it will have to be next week.  I decided on pay day to pay all my bills, go figure!  Seriously, I was so happy to know my yard would look immaculate for the 4th.  In fact, he said he wanted it to look good for the holiday.

Book club meeting was Saturday.  Why do they insist on getting there late?  I am going to have to enforce the late fee vigilantly.  When we really did enforce it, they stopped being late because they hated forking over $3.  Other than that it was a good discussion with good food and drinks.  I love a good margarita.

Book Club Meeting photo shoot…

I need to do a review of The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray by Walter Mosley.  Well worth reading.

This month’s reading assignment is The Awesome Girl’s Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men by Ernessa T. Carter.  She is the author of 32 Candles and that was the book that got me through the loss of my aunt.  This book is long y’all.  468 pages.  My members have been warned.

No plans whatsoever for the 4th.  I plan to get the last of my trip items and clean.  My 2nd job is open the next day so I plan to shop on Friday and rest until work that Saturday evening.  No barbecue for me, but I see steamed crab legs this weekend.  Maybe because they are having their lowest price on crab legs this week at the grocery store.

Have a wonderful July 4th!


This sunflower makes me Happy…So have a Happy July 4th!



4 thoughts on “Randoms…For Independence Day!

  1. I’m that person that can eat the same old thing day in day out and never get bored. It’s a talent that comes in handy on occasion. What a nice surprise to get your yard done when you didn’t expect. Hope you had a nice (even if uneventful) 4th!

  2. Yes, I am still trying to catch up on your blog… I decided to start from current and go back…. still is overwhelming though! I got at least 40 more posts to read… Can you slow up for a minute. And anywho, I didn’t bully you to start that babyfoot treatment early….and be honest, you’re glad you didn’t wait til Friday, cuz all that peeling in Wet New Orleans would not have been cute. lol

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