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Garden Tales Part 5


As of July 2, 2014

My garden and the container flowers are flourishing.  Unlike last year where it rained 24 of the 31 days in July, we are getting a shower about once a week.  So I have had no busted tomatoes due to the excessive rain.  However, I have another problem with my Strippy heirloom tomatoes.

See how pretty it is?


Have you ever heard of blossom end rot?  This happens when your tomatoes start rotting from where the blossom is on the bottom of the tomato usually due to a lack of calcium in the soil.  And it also happens when watering is overdone or underdone.  What is weird, I only have one tomato with this issue and it was the 2nd one in line to ripen perfectly.  Unfortunately, it will be discarded because although this is the only full size tomato I have ever had to ripen, it ain’t edible.


Blossom-end rot is a disorder of tomato, squash, pepper, and all other fruiting vegetables. You notice that a dry sunken decay has developed on the blossom end (opposite the stem) of many fruit, especially the first fruit of the season. This is not a pest, parasite or disease process but is a physiological problem caused by a low level of calcium in the fruit itself. (Source)

My poor tomato blossom end rot


So what can I do to fix this problem?  Well I need to test my soil.  Which, is a bit too advanced for my novice gardening.  After googling some remedies, I decided I would use some egg shells in the soil under the tomato plant and see if that helps.  Right now, my other tomatoes look fine, but you never know with my luck. 

Right before I pulled it and threw it away…:(

Remember the tomato the bird ate, this is what the inside looked like, too bad it wasn’t going to ever ripen.


My cherry tomatoes are yielding pretty well.  Unlike my grape tomatoes, I could pick as little 20 a day and as much as a 100 in a day, cherry tomatoes do not yield ripen fruit as quickly or in an overabundance.  I probably pick 5 or 6 a day.  And when you are eating salads every day, it means rarely are my tomatoes going bad because I can’t give them away or eat them fast enough.  My cherry tomatoes are quite sweet and are a nice size, but honestly I prefer the grape tomatoes better.  Go figure.

What I have picked and not eaten as of 7/9/14


Sunflowers are blooming, Zinnias are showing out and my basil is amazing.  As far as my roses, they are okay.  I am a little disappointed in my Lincoln Hybrid Tea Roses, because I haven’t had a bloom since last month and they don’t seem to grow as fast as my other roses.  I hope with my normal feedings thing will start blooming soon.  As far as the black spot fungus, I am happy to say the milk bath (one part milk and two parts water) is working.  Once a week, usually when I feed all my plants, I spray with the milk bath and it seems to be working.



No more cat using my garden for her business.  She still is roaming the streets, but I don’t care as long as she leaves my garden alone and stay out of my yard. 


Now it is time for me plan how I will water my garden this year while on vacation.  I know Dollar Tree batteries do not last longer than 3 days…

Isn’t she lovely? Let’s hope the timer works properly while I am gone!



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