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Review: Baby Foot

I wasn’t paid to review this product, I purchased said product and these are my own opinions…

On July 2, 2014, after being bullied by my sister I went on and did the Baby Foot treatment.  I purchased the product the previous month and was waiting close to vacation to do it, because I wanted my feet magnificently soft.  Just in time for vacation.  I will say I am glad I did it when I did because I would have still been peeling while on vacation and that would not have been good.

First of all let me say that I purposely didn’t use my pumice stone for a week prior to the treatment.  I wanted my feet at their worse so I could actually see a difference.  Before you read any further, the pictures are gross and if you are eating don’t read any further.  Really, you have been warned.

Baby Foot is treatment using fruit acid and other ingredients to remove dead layers of skin from the bottom of your feet to the top of your feet and ankles.  Prior to doing the treatment I did read and look at several videos of how the product work and I think that also played into me waiting to do the treatment.

First thing I did was take a long hot bath.  Then after towel drying my feet I put on the booties with the gel like substance and used the tape provided to seal the top of the booties.  Some liquid did spill out, but only a little bit and then I put on socks.  Because I didn’t plan better I was walking around doing things in the booties and socks and it was not comfortable.  Slipping and sliding.  When I was able to finally sit down, I was quite happy.  So plan better than I did.  Also, take off any toenail polish, you will thank me later.  I didn’t and it was a mess.  I kept my feet in the booties for 2 hours.  Yes, two hours the directions say about an hour, but I wanted to insure my problem heels were well coated in the gel.  After removing the booties, I washed my feet with warm water and dried them and waited for the magic to begin.

The product, my problem heels, the packaging, booties, socks over booties, take off your toenail polish and heels immediately after the treatment.

I started to peel a bit on July 4th between the toes and on the top of my feet.  The big peels commenced on July 6th.  My sister was like “do not pull the skin off” and I was like, um these sheets must go because they are going to snag on my socks.  By the way, I wore closed in shoes for the entire time of the peeling.  By July 7th the layers were larger as they peeled away and this was the day I stopped sending my sister gross out pictures.

The skin was amazingly soft.  Even the skin that was peeling off was soft.  After about the 10 day or so, I realized that my problem area wasn’t going to get a significant peel.  On the inner corner of my heels, the skin peeled only a little bit and I was disappointed, but when I started applying a water-based lotion, I realized my feet looked much better than they did before the treatment and damn sure felt better.  Baby soft on the top and bottom of my feet.  If I had to rate the product on a scale of 1-5 and 5 being the highest, I would give it a 4.  My feet feel and look much better.  And my own pedicures could never get my feet this soft and even 21 days after doing the treatment, my feet still feel incredibly soft except the small portion of the inner heels.  Will I do it again?  Hell, yes!  I loved the outcome and although not perfect it was a much better outcome than I could have imagined.

The peeling from the bottom of my feet, to the top and my ankles.


The product is pricey at $25.00 a pop, I actually got it for $16.00, it is worth it and if you are getting pedicures every two weeks you can actually save money with this product because you will not have to go as often.  The thing I wished more reviewers had emphasized was the peeling was on the top of ones foot as well as the ankles.  It took longer for the skin on my ankles to completely peel, like they were finally finished on the 14th day.  So take note if you plan to do this treatment.  I plan to do the treatment again this fall.


The final reveal…my feet feel and look amazing!

It is worth the price, keeping your feet hidden during the process and the baby softness of your feet to try the product.


Comparison before and after…amazing!



5 thoughts on “Review: Baby Foot

  1. I admit, the results did look great… however, that peeling in between… I will have to wait for Christmas break when I don’t have to go anywhere and my feet will be covered. Glad you tried it first!!

    • Yeah, the peeling is a lot. However, the results are worth it. I know you are glad I did it first…such a bully. But, chile if I had done this on the 4th, I would have still been peeling in Nola and with that dusty floor, uh, no! LOL!

  2. I did this earlier this year and was amazed with the outcome since I didn’t think it would work like they said. I’m a picker, so I was peeling the loose skin and grossing My Love out in the process..hehe!

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