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Where Did We Stay While In NOLA?

This is the full review I wrote, but couldn’t post on the review site for the vacation rental.  All opinions are my own and I wasn’t compensated for this review.


The Napoleon House (3 bedroom unit)

The home is absolutely beautiful from the outside, in fact, that was the first thing I commented on to my sister after we had seen the home.

Our check in was 4 pm on July 17, 2014, and since it was about 3 pm we decided to do a drive by and then go get something to eat.  However, coming up to the home we were surprised because our navigation system kept saying the road had limited access, but after driving along we realize the construction was the culprit.  There is quite a bit of construction down Napoleon Avenue towards the house.  Large equipment filled the median area so it was a bit of an eyesore, but luckily there was rain and we weren’t disturbed by the noises of the work.

We actually had two of the units in the Napoleon House.  I actually stayed in this particular unit.  Now, the stairs got me but I am happy to say we all managed them, barely.  The rooms are large, spacious and lovely.  The house is well cared for and the renovations kept the specialness of it being an old home intact.  I was in the Queen room with the shutters and fireplace.  This unit also had central air, which made me happy, happy, and happy!  All the bedrooms had a flat screen television except the one I occupied, which I knew prior to check in.

My Queen Room…See the shutters and fireplace? Tile floors.

The kitchen is one of my dreams and comes fully stocked with the cooking items you may need.  Since it was a quite a large group of us in all three units (we had the condo across the street as well), the kitchen was great for this trip.  Wonderful appliances and cookware and I loved it, even with the little cooking I actually did.  My room was next to the Jacuzzi, rain shower head bathroom.  Let’s just say the shower was great, but the Jacuzzi bath was the best! Having access to a washer and dryer also was a bonus, and we washed and dried clothes before we left.

The one thing that seemed to irritate us the most was the Wi-Fi.  I am one of those people who sleeps with a television on and since I was in a room without one, I was hoping to watch Netflix until I went to sleep; well the Wi-Fi situation was janky at best.  If you were able to use it, it would only work for a short period of time and you were kicked off.  We couldn’t reset the router, so we just whined and moaned about not being totally connected.  I probably more than the others because I just knew I would at least have access to my Netflix account since I was in the television free room.

One small thing was I wondered if it the cleaning crew came in right before we checked in, because unfortunately with my allergies I was well aware of the dust before I saw it.  I thought maybe they hadn’t dusted since the last guests left.

My sister sent the owners a nice letter about the place, but I want folks to know it really is a beautiful home and it served our needs beautifully.  Just keep in mind they have some construction in the median, which looked like sewer work and Wi-Fi issues.  Other than those small problems, I would definitely recommend the home to others.


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