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Family Vacation 2014 – Day 3 Saturday

My 40 Year Old Sister with her daughter and best friend. Don’t you love the get-up? LOL!



Well my sister’s actual birthday began officially while we were “in dese streets” on Bourbon street.  Saturday was the one morning I didn’t really have to get up early; it was more of a relaxing day.  My sister had to get up early to pick up our photographer, who happens to be my oldest niece’s best friend.  So folks got up not so early to have breakfast and be on their own until we headed out for pictures prior to the party.

My sister with our cousins and yes Lala was in G’s arms, all comfortable and whatnot!


My sister had grand plans for the day and she was going to do a candy table and we were going to have a full scale photo shoot.  Um, when you have 20 odd people to get together that ain’t going to happen.  She had to scrap the candy table, which with the number of children in attendance, yeah that would have been sugar overload.  The kids were already out of control.  Not that they bothered me because I stayed out of the downstairs unit as much as possible.

On her way back from picking up the photographer, we decided to go eat lunch on Magazine Street, which was in walking distance from the house.  Let me tell you, I had big plans to go walking at least twice while I was in Nola, but I soon realize the heat and humidity didn’t give any damns about my exercise.  I was over the heat quick, but the walk on Magazine Street wasn’t bad, but if it had been less humid I would have stayed out there longer.  We decided to have lunch at this little brick oven pizza place called, Theo’s.  And let me tell you the pizza was amazing!  I have never tried brick oven pizza before and my first foray was fantastic.  Magazine Street is an eclectic area with small specialty shops and everything from restaurants and clothing shops to tattoo parlors and interesting storefronts.  I wish I had spent more time exploring the area.  Even the bars looked like something to check out.  In fact, Thursday night we saw a food truck in front of the bar located a block or so from the house.  So yeah, it is a great place for exploring and indulging in the unfamiliar.

Theo’s Pizza…Yummy!


When we returned to Napoleon House we picked up a vehicle and headed to pick up the seafood from Cajun’s on Claiborne and the cupcakes from the The Kupcake Factory.  My book club member who travels frequently to Nola recommended Cajun’s with the caveat, “It is in the hood.”  Okay…I think.  It is in the hood, but baby oh baby the amount of seafood and other delicacies to choose from were a sight to behold.  The prices were good, but I was a bit nervous and after my sister ordered I felt like I could handle the simple task of ordering 3 pounds of crawfish and one and yes one pig foot.  Don’t judge me.  Ever since I read the reviews and seen the pictures I was compelled to indulge in a little pork foot.  And let me tell you that dang thang was so good.  I didn’t eat the entire thing, but oh my!  When I return to Nola…  I am southern…

Have you ever laid down for a little bit and just got angry with yourself because you knew that was the wrong thing to do when you are on a tight schedule?  That would be me.  I took a 30 minute nap and I needed so much more.  However, it was time for to head to Loyola University to have a wonderful time taking pictures.

Selfies and usies! With my cousins AJ and G, my niece Caitlyn and our photographer Terriana, My nieces Hunny Bunny and Lala (she wasn’t impressed!)


Mind you we were late heading out for pictures so we didn’t get back to 8 pm to start cooking and getting ready for the party.  Luckily, my cousin and her bestie from Atlanta decorated our unit for the party.  So folks were cooking in the unit downstairs and the men were grilling.  My sister decided on a simple menu because she didn’t want too much and didn’t want the men to get into testosterone overload.  The menu was hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, baked potatoes, seafood, salad, Kool-Aid, sweet tea, cupcakes and ice cream.  Seems simple right?  Most of the real preparations were done before the photo shoot, why Lawd did we eat after 9 pm?  Want to know why? Men.  They added more chicken to the menu.  They added sausage to the menu.  My cousin from Atlanta barely got a chance to eat because they had to catch the megabus by 10.  Children were hunger, adults were snapping and I felt my window closing.  I had to keep telling my sister’s stepmother to stop moving the damn seafood because she was cross contaminating shit.  No really, when you have as many folks in our family who suffer from shellfish allergies you must be careful, very careful.  However, everything was delicious.  I ain’t even gonna lie them damn chicken wings were the business!  But eating after 9 pm was not.  LOL!


Having our own photo shoot while others were being photographed


My niece sang her birthday song to her mom and we really had a good time talking and enjoying the moment.  We really had a ball.  Now, why were some nameless souls mad because folks didn’t want to go to Bourbon Street?  They were mad!  I was like look at my feet, they were swollen and I only do Bourbon once that is enough.  Hell, we had plenty liquor at the house.  I didn’t drink anything.  I was tired and with my feet swollen so badly I knew I need to take meds and take it to the bed.  LOL!


Birthday Girl, some décor and food and one with us both! Yes, she is taller and…LOL!


Finally, I could lay on the bed in peace…


Rules for Family Vacations:  Men are going to do what the hell they want when a grill and fire are part of the equation.  We had so much food we knew fine dining on Sunday was a wrap because we were going to be throwing away a ton of food.  We take good pictures.  Don’t let folks get too hungry…

Bye, bye…only a little more vacay recaps to do…

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was living in the moment.  I even brought my new big girl camera and didn’t use it.  However, when you are with family sometimes the memories in your head are all you need to relive and feel the moments…



2 thoughts on “Family Vacation 2014 – Day 3 Saturday

  1. Looks like a great time! I love brick oven pizza, sooo good! And I always tell myself I’m going to exercise on vacation and I never do, haha.

    • We had fun, but I have been busy and overwhelmed since I got back home, which is why the posts are slow coming. I really did want to exercise, but after the stairs and the humidity, I just couldn’t make it! LOL!

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