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Garden Tales Part 6



When I went on vacation I vacillated between worry and ‘oh well’ when it came to my little raised and container garden.  Basically, I was over it because although July proved not to be the rain maker of last year’s July, and frankly if we are being honest it wasn’t as hot as it was two or three years ago, but I didn’t have anything growing that I had to have for the rest of the summer.  Remember the only veggies I planted were cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, basil and green onions.  And my basil and green onions will grow whether I water them or not if they can get just a little moisture.  And remember my poor heirlooms had blossom rot, and although it was only two tomatoes, I figured they wouldn’t fair well while I was gone. However, I set up the timer did a trial run and made sure to use non-cheapo batteries.  Well…

It rained the majority time I was gone so that meant my plants were overwatered.  I can’t win for losing.  LOL!  When I got home that afternoon, I tiptoed outside to see what the garden looked like.  My flowers survived, my tomatoes needed to be harvested and although I had to throw away about 7 heirloom tomatoes because they burst, I had 6 edible ones.  Go me!

We are on the downhill slope of gardening now, it is August and I am over it.  I only water once a day and it is usually early in the morning.  They are only getting fed every two weeks.  If I remember, I harvest my cherry tomatoes, this morning I forgot and I had about 6 that needed to come off the plant.  Shrugging… I am also on the lookout for cutworms and hornworms.  I have noticed a several blossoms that have been eaten or cut off, but no signs of the pesky invaders.  I have not used anything to kill the stray animals except Seven dust.

Growing, growing, growing


My Lincoln roses are doing just fine, my Tyler roses haven’t budded since June.  Not sure what the problem is, but when I finish gardening for this summer I am going to change the soil and use mulch to prepare them for the winter and hopefully they will show out.  Same thing with my pink roses, which are in the same container, although it did bud in July it hasn’t done so since the first of the month.  Black spot is doing okay, not great because I haven’t sprayed them with the milk solution since I returned from vacation.

My violas and dahlias are blooming!  So excited the coleus look fine but the dahlias kind of overpowered them in the container.





For my last book club meeting I did manage to do my first flower arrangement for the year.

Came from my garden…


So I may have one or two more gardening posts, but for the most part I am winding down for the season.  I have considered doing winter flowers, but being honest with myself I ain’t about to be outside in the cold weather and we tend to have rainy weather so winter gardening is a wistful thought and probably will not come into fruition.


…Just because sunflowers make you smile and when you see two bees doing their job…I can’t help but feel good!


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