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Family Vacation 2014 – Day 4 Sunday

The tree in front of the Napoleon House


Sunday was a day for everyone to do their own thing from taking a walking tour of the Garden District to visiting plantations.  However, we woke up to guess what?  If you thought rain, you are correct!  So Sunday started off easy, but even I knew the kids needed an opportunity to see New Orleans and being stuck in the house was starting to have some suffocating consequences.  But, hey I wasn’t in the unit with all the children so I was good with just lounging around all day and when the rain stopped heading to the Quarter to take pictures.  The best laid plans… Oh I ate crawfish for breakfast. Thatisall!

We also really wanted to do the Swamp Tour, but it wasn’t working out to do so.  First of all, you have to reserve in advance, which if we had done that on Friday, it would have been a bust due to the rain.  We tried but they wouldn’t allow us to pay when we arrived unless we put half the amount on a credit card.  I don’t know about you all, but with so many breaches of security with credit cards, I try not to use mine too much especially out of town and if I don’t let my bank know I am out of town they will decline the charges of large of amounts.  And I ain’t mad.  So if you plan to visit New Orleans and take a Swamp tour, go ahead and pay for it online prior to your visit and reserve you day and spot.  Yes, we asked about paying online individually, but the company wouldn’t allow us to do so because it takes 3 days for credit card purchases to go through.  They seriously want their money.  Smaller groups probably will fare better than we did.



For some reason, folks didn’t think they could do things separately.  No really.  Why we had to all do the same thing at the same time is beyond me.  We finally after much back and forth decided to go to the Aquarium and the French Quarter, but we were driving because seriously it was raining hard and standing in the rain waiting on the street car was going to be a problem.  After it took us over an hour to get everyone out the door we spent another few minutes dealing with who was driving and who was riding.  Side eye all that shit right there.  Yes, folks were starting to work my last nerve.

This owl was flying around then he just stopped. Posing…LOL!


I remember the Aquarium to be much bigger and better than the one in Baltimore, but after walking through I kept asking myself, ‘What the what?  This place is dinky.  Georgia’s is probably 10xs better than this one.’  Yeah, I was unimpressed but it was a great way to allow folks to enjoy a bit of New Orleans.

I really do not think I was caring about the fish as much as I was in awe of her hair color…


yeah, this is a snake. I could never find his head…


Albino alligator/crocodile?..shrugging I don’t know


View from the aquarium of the Mississippi River and that bridge…

We left there in search of more things to do and some went to the Riverwalk Place and my sister, her best friend and I hit a seafood place.  Yeah, I came to New Orleans to eat not shop.  We stopped at this restaurant near the pier called Crazy Lobster.  I didn’t have this particular restaurant on my list, but we knew we needed a break from all the family and we wanted more seafood.  We all got this overpriced seafood bucket called the Bourbon Street Combo at $32.99, yes for one.  It consisted of snow crabs legs, shrimp and sausage with potatoes and corn and it was so spicy I was so scared I wouldn’t finish it, but um, at that price and the way my wallet is set up…I think we were satisfied with the experience, but I really do not think it was worth the price, but I will say this, the waiter and service were impeccable and that is probably why I didn’t scream about the price.

The Outlets of Riverwalk…It used to be the Riverwalk Mall back in 2002 when I last visited…


Another view of the fountains and Mississippi River


We ended up walking through the Riverwalk and taking pictures and just relaxing.  Eventually, we decided to head back because who wants to be caught in the traffic of folks trying to see Bey and Jay Z at the Georgia Dome?  Well, somehow my cousin doesn’t understand when putting addresses in the GPS system it is important to put in the entire address, using 1 Napoleon Avenue is going to have you knee deep in the traffic stuck in downtown  NOLA, while folks are hawking On The Run t-shirts for almost an hour and a half.  Seriously?  My patience was tested and someone in the vehicle with us had been drinking and had to use the bathroom.  I swear for all that is beautiful and glorious…no more!  When we finally got to Napoleon House…I was done.

For the record, Johnitis had already kicked in so I had already started repacking my stuff.  Johnitis is named after my Uncle John, who when traveling would get to his destination and when he had enough whether we had been there a few days or for a few hours, when he was ready to go you better get your shit packed and be ready in 5 minutes or your ass would be left.  As much as I may be enjoying a vacation, the day or so before I leave, I start getting antsy and well I really am ready to get back to my bed, life and comforts of home so as not to delay the leave time, I get my stuff together with a quickness.  While folks are packing at night I am already done and if they said lets go right then I am ready every.damn.time!  LOL!  We really just hung out at the house and chilled that evening.  And some of us tried to finish the scavenger hunt.  I tried y’all, but it was just me but I missed 7 things and didn’t even see the bonus points until I was almost done, which was too late.  My cousin won and baby she did that thing.  My sister didn’t even think we were participating, but hell I am competitive. LOL!

My Cousins the winners!


We still had a lot of food left over and we were thinking about donating it to some church or shelter in the area, but in the end we just gave up on that notion because we didn’t know who would take already cooked food and the rules of such a donation.  It was a good idea, maybe next time…

Folks were packing, washing and basically getting ready to say goodbye to family and thanks for everyone coming near and far to celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday.  I, myself, took advantage of those hitting the beds to have one last Jacuzzi bath and man was it relaxing.  Although I took showers under the rainfall shower head, if you have been reading my blog long enough you know I am not a shower person so as nice as it was, it really wasn’t that comfortable.  I don’t see myself ever just standing under such a shower, child I would feel like I am drowning.  LOL!

Rules for Family Vacations:  You don’t all have to do the same thing, break up in groups who want to do the same thing, because really getting everyone to do the same thing at the same time wastes time!  Carve out time with your small family away from the group family to see the sights and bond together.  Don’t let a few who maybe in bad moods to ruin your time together.  Leave their asses at the vacation home.  No really.  We did.

As I luxuriated in the Jacuzzi, I relaxed and read and thought about my next visit to New Orleans, without all the family.  I know, seems cruel right?  However, I enjoyed my family for the most part, put near the end folks were sniping at each other and arguing over small irrelevant things.  Some had gotten low on their money so they were mad, I shrugged because maybe just maybe they should have not spend so much money on liquor.  I am just saying… Anyway, only one more recap left…Thank goodness!


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