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Family Vacation 2014 – Day 5 Monday


Jackson Square…Ignore the guy walking in my frame…


My sister and her family left at 4 am.  I wouldn’t have known they had left except she takes great pride in calling me at the most awkward times, but lucky for her I had my phone on and due to Johnitis, I was awake ready to go.  Anyway, I let her husband son out and went right back to bed.  And at 7 am, I was up and ready to go.

We ate breakfast and tidied the place up as the instructions asked us to do.  And since I am the enforcer I was making sure folks were doing what they were supposed to.  I had taken down decorations the night before and really it was just emptying the refrigerators and sweeping floors.  Although, I don’t know why we had to do that since they were dusty as hell when we arrived…

We had a small problem though; the guys in the condo weren’t in a hurry to leave.  In fact, they were still in the bed at 9:00 am; mind you check out is 10:00 am.  Folks had been calling, going over to their unit and even inside to get them up.  I was like, “Oh, hell nawl!”  I walked my happy behind across the street with a purpose and this meant walking through the construction crew that was working on the sewer system in the median of the street and dodging construction machines.  I walked in (had to stop and breath for a minute because of all them damn stairs) and cussed everyone out.  Mind you, I hadn’t been in the place since I handed over the keys on Thursday, and it looked a hot mess.  Really, dudes?  Shit everywhere.  I snatched off covers and hollered out orders, all the while they were cussing me out in their heads and mad I was waking them up.  I was not losing my deposit because they had drunk too much the night before and didn’t want to get up early.  No.  When I locked the door for the final time, the condo was back to looking like it did before we arrived.  Their parents play too much.  I know they are grown 26, 29 and 35 so they old enough to know better, but they seem to need parental control and I ain’t about that life.  Hell, I was ready to go.

It was bittersweet to leave because the house was really gorgeous.  What I didn’t mention before is there were tenants in the basement units who were so welcoming and kind to us.  I mean 28 folks is a lot of people to contend with, but they eased our worry.  We said goodbye to my sister’s bestie and her stepmom as they took a cab to the airport and the folks driving went our separate ways.  My ride decided we would go to the French Market before we hit the road.

So to the French Market we went.  I was surprised that as many times as my cousin had been to NOLA she had never been to the French Market.  In my head, ‘I was like what the hell do you do when you come to NOLA?’  I walk the French Quarter for ambiance and the history and the French Market is a must do at least once.  Plus, we had to walk right by Café Du Monde.  Walking through the French Market was interesting I like to see what they have, I rarely buy anything.  I like to haggle and that ain’t happening there.  I loved just looking at the water and the old buildings and soaking in the beauty of the French Quarter.  I wish I had taken more pictures.

We headed home and I was so tired I went to sleep before we were in Mississippi good.  We stopped twice during this trip back home I guess because we weren’t in a big hurry.  We even stopped at the Conecuh sausage store on the way.  If you are from the South, Conecuh sausage rules and my folks wanted to get some cases of sausage and bacon for their home.  Me, not so much.  I like Conecuh sausage like most southerners, but a case when I only eat Turkey bacon during the week?  No thanks, but the cases were a good price.

I was home by 4 pm.  And I immediately went to my garden after everything was unpacked.  My plants were well watered and heirloom tomatoes were ripe, but most everything survived.  And I survived another family vacation.  And I do not want to do it again.

Hear me out.  I like being around my family in small doses.  I think I like the cruises better because we can and have to go our separate ways.  There is no gathering everyone together to figure out what we are going to do.  This trip was too much time wasted corralling cats together and that makes me tired.  And some folks are negative and I can only take them in miniscule doses.  The drinking didn’t bother me, but you have to know your limit and being drunk every night is too much.  Or maybe, because I do not drink like I used to I realize how obnoxious folks can be when they are drinking.  Some folks are delusional; don’t even ask why I mention that little nugget.  Some of my family members are lazy, but like to complain.  I love my family, but I don’t like all of them all the time.  What?  It is true.  My mouth was on its best behavior for the most part, the cursing didn’t stop, but the hardcore mean what I say was tempered; I mean it was my sister’s birthday.

I think my sister had a wonderful time and she got to bring in her 40th year the way she wanted it, surrounded by family.  Even if it was family.  What?  We do the most, all the time.  But we love each other and don’t mess with any of us or you are going to deal with all of us, except some of the males who seemed to be less aggressive than us women…LOL!

Rules for Family Vacations:  Family vacations are a time to bond and spend quality time with your family and enjoy the time together.  Plan things as a group and plan things with your immediate family so you can take a break from the big group.  And it is okay to do things alone.  Remember, everyone has their quirks and you should know what they are before the vacation, so suck it up and deal with it.  Now if you didn’t know they had such predilections before the trip, maybe you should have more family gatherings. IJS!  I do believe in vetting folks, because some folks aren’t good with group adventures. Remember most of all you love each other and any issues will pass…

Next family trip…Turks and Caicos…Um, not with me though!


The End… 


5 thoughts on “Family Vacation 2014 – Day 5 Monday

    • Yes. My sister keeps sending me info for Turks & Caicos and I keep saying, “NO!”. Family vacations aren’t bad, but I could do without all the extra that comes with dealing with my folks.

  1. I haven’t done a family vacation in years. I can actually do them since we all pretty much get along and we allow for everyone to do their own thing. Getting folk ready to be on time for something is the real struggle…lol!

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