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I Speak Two Languages English and Profanity Randoms…


The last couple of weeks have been filled with heart-wrenching, soul-stirring, negative, aggressive, polarizing, sad, angry, tired, passive, untrustworthy, blatant lies and just pure suck the life right out of you situations.  I could say more, but I won’t…at least on this blog.  America needs to do better and that means all of us.

I have a feeling these randoms are going to be long.

I didn’t see the VMA, but I saw Beyoncé’s performance.  I got my life!  By the way, I am so sick of these passive aggressive folks on social media who think a computer is a place to disparage celebrity children because they need to get a life.  One minute we are about Bey’s performance and then folks decide to make a frivolous joke about a child, unnecessary.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has made me scream with delight watching folks doing something for a good cause.  The celebrities have had me in stitches.  Now, I do see a problem or two.  Those who do not know what ALS is and what the challenge means.  I saw a hashtag with an autoimmune disease at the end of one of the challenges.  Stop being a follower.  And, your children doing the challenge is a no-go.  Imma need people to stop.  Seriously.  This challenge has brought not only money for research, but awareness.

Making jokes about illiteracy is not funny.

Had book club a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty good.  The book was Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile.  The discussion gave us lots of topics to discuss and some of it was apropos for what was happening that particular week in the news.

Book Club Meeting…why is my face so shiny? Geez…


Well this week I have been trying to eat clean, basically limited process foods and limiting my carb intake.  This weekend I purchased some cod fillets and searched the internet for a recipe for a quick meal.  The Creole Contessa has a quick and easy recipe that I prepared in about 20 minutes.  Pan-seared cod fish, broccoli and cheese (yep, frozen Green Giant) and a baked sweet potato with cinnamon, a little butter and a sprinkling of brown sugar.  Yummy!

Pan-seared cod, sweet potato and broccoli and cheese


I am going to write this Ptolemy Grey book review…

August is such a long month when there are no holidays involved. Holla if you hear me! (Took an annual leave day on Thursday.)

The Guy started his new job and position in Atlanta this week.  His response so far, “Boring as hell…”

You ever just get upset about something and when you calm down you realize it ain’t even worth your time?  Some people believe their lies to the point they think it is true.  So…you pray for them and limit your interaction.  Sometimes you have to just let it go…

I have a birthday coming up, like real quick.  And I am feeling some kinda way.  Sighing…  Only thing I know I will get is a new pair of shoes.  I have been slacking on my shoe game.

I made a flower arrangement this weekend and it will probably be my last one.  Geez, I had too many bugs in those flowers.  I thought I shook them well, but baby when I got them in the house, bugs started coming out.  Ugh!  And then I noticed on my sunflowers there were cocoons.  I don’t do bugs for real.  My pink and Tyler roses are dead.  Bow your heads because my Lincoln roses have been attacked by spider mites and I probably will not be able to deal with that until this weekend.  I am having a hard time with my roses in containers, so I really need to see about planting them in the ground next year.


Zinnias, sunflowers, roses, marigolds, dahlias


Pretty, huh?


Still gathering tomatoes.  I am so over the garden now.  Glad I did it, but geez this year’s mild summer means things are lingering on longer than expected.


Lawd, I accidentally killed a baby lizard.  Y’all know my issues with lizards and my absolute fear of the nasty creatures.  One of good friends jinxed me because she recently killed a lizard in her home…sighing.  Anyway, it tried to get in my house on Sunday night, but I was able to encourage it back outside.  Well on Monday , undoubtedly the lizard’s memory is short, it tried again to get in my house and it succeeded in getting halfway through the foyer, I grabbed a flip flop and tried to fling it or gently encourage it back outside, but um that didn’t go so well.  I got it out my house with a broom and had to disinfect and clean of the miniscule mess i.e. blood.  Did you know they had blood in them?  What?

My oldest niece has to explain what Bae means. Before Anyone Else for those of us who are starting to show our age.

She is writing my name in her book…She didn’t quite grasp my name isn’t Aunt Nana.


The urge to write has started to tickle me again.  Not sure why, but it keeps poking me in the side nudging me to get to it.  And finish one.

When I first saw the trailer for No Good Deeds I was all hyped to see it, now I am on this let me catch it on DVD.  It occurred to me it looks like Obsessed…Sorry.

We are planning a book club adventure to see Addicted in the theater.  Addicted by Zane in my opinion is her best work, maybe because it was her first novel and to see the visual on screen should be amazing.

Would you take your 9 year old to the gun range?  To learn how to shot an Uzi?…

I want to go to Disney World.

The holidays are coming.  Halloween stuff is already out.  Why?

I started these randoms on Wednesday and it is now Friday.  And I had a day off in between, but now I feel some kinda way.

I am going to close these out, saying “Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson.”

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


You can’t tell my sister anything in this pictures…


My nieces and my sister’s exasperated eye…


Lala in her “rina rina” dress…


Guess who is playing tee ball? Carson…



Just because…my eyebrows though! LOL!



2 thoughts on “I Speak Two Languages English and Profanity Randoms…

  1. Glad to see that there are others out there who appreciated the ice bucket challenge for the good it did. Can you believe that there are people who complained about it? People will complain about everything and it’s so annoying!!

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