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A Friendly Public Service Announcement

I am so serious…


Dear family, friends, acquaintances and folks I could care not one nickel, dime or a good fu…never mind you get what I am saying.  This is your official PSA, public service announcement for my acronym challenged folks, Thursdays are no longer a day to reach me after 5 pm.

When I leave work, I will be going straight home.  That means no errands will be ran or quick stops for anything.  I will be going straight home, no stop at go, well I will stop for traffic lights and stop signs.  When I get home, you will not see me outside the home until the next morning.  Once I am in, I am in!

Once I am home I will promptly start getting ready for Friday, which means getting my lunch and snacks ready for the next day, clothes ready for the second job and clothes for Friday.  I will then eat a sensible dinner and take a relaxing bath, because you know what?  Thursday is Shonda Rhimes’ night and baby Scandal returns and I will be watching How to Get Away With Murder…Yes!

I do not have time to entertain folks as I try to get my mind and body right for two hours (I do not watch Grey’s Anatomy) of adrenaline pumping, hyperventilating and nonstop inability to breath moments.  I cannot deal with your issues and watch these two shows.  I just can’t.  So I am providing this warning.   If you need or want something, may I suggest you contact me on Friday? 

It may seem a bit cold of me to say forget about calling me on Thursday evening, but it will save some feelings from being hurt.  If you ring my house phone, I will pick it up and hang it right back up.  My cell phone will be on mute or even off.  What?  This is serious.  Last year when someone accidently called me on Scandal night, I would answer, “Are you smoking crack? I am watching Scandal.” And then I would promptly hang up.  Not this year.  So pay attention folks, if something happens on Thursday after 5 pm, I will be indisposed until I go to sleep.  You see, it takes me at least two hours to wind down after Scandal and now with How to Get Away With Murder, I may not get to sleep until Friday morning.  Therefore, calling me after the shows go off probably isn’t a good idea either.  Seriously, Friday will be better for contacting me.  I know some of you are asking what if it is an emergency?   Well…I don’t know.  Leave a message and hopefully, I will hear it before Friday because right now…things are looking iffy for me answering my phone on Thursday evening.

Please know I like, care or love you dearly or not, but there ain’t much good scripted television left and I need something to stimulate my brain cells and not the ratchet stuff of reality television.  No hard feelings, right?  I will talk to you on Friday!


2 thoughts on “A Friendly Public Service Announcement

    • The killing part is the owner of my 2nd job called me during the last 15 minutes of the show and I literally listened and watched as he called my cell phone and home number. In fact, I missed the 1st five minutes of How to Get Away With Murder…Just the phone ringing or lighting up was too distracting. Off they go on this Thursday!

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