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Endings Make Me Sad…

I have been quiet around these parts, but it is that time of year where things start changing and not just the color of the fall leaves and the cooler temperatures. I have been feeling out of sorts and discombobulated and although fall is one of my favorite seasons, this year it seems to be signaling the end of many things in my life. And sometimes, endings make me sad.

A week ago Saturday I was surfing the net on the 2nd job, because we were so slow that night.  And I came across and article stating Winn Dixie was closing stores and two in my area.  I crossed my fingers in hopes the WD 2 miles from my house wasn’t on the chopping block.  Guess what?  It was.  I was devastated.  In fact the one in my area serves 12 neighborhoods.  Let that soak in.

I read some of the FB comments about the closings and it is always interesting to see the racist feedback on an issue that affects all races. The store in my area services several others races of folks but it also serves one of the Air Force bases in our city.  Believe you and me the military uses this store.  The closing of my WD insures there will be no grocery store in my area, which is north of the city.

Some folks do not understand the gravity of the situation and may think I am overreacting, but I am a conscious shopper and live for sales and coupons to save money. Just to give you an idea, I saved over $24 in groceries on Saturday and it was for only me.  These type savings give me life.  Plus, I am boring and consciously uncoupling (like this phrasing for some reason) and it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  I was so upset about the situation it threw me off my closing game that night.  And then it hit me later that night, there wasn’t anything that I could do to change the outcome; they were going to close my WD.

On last Monday, I went by the store on my way to work and my heart jumped a few beats, because there were folks out there protesting with petitions and signs saying “Save our Winn Dixie!” Bless their hearts and it gave me a little tear to roll down my face. This store has so much history for me and even some of my family members.  I remember moving here from Florida and it was in this small little dinky place not far from the house and my aunt went there every weekend.  Then they moved about a mile or so closer to our house and man that was great.  Then they moved to their current location which was bigger and newer and now they are closing.  This WD has history with me and it just seems like all that is familiar and good is disappearing from my neighborhood.  Looking out my front door and seeing so many of my neighbors gone, just adds to my sadness and disappointment.

On Saturday, I went on my weekly store errand and let me tell you it was the most depressing minutes of my life. When I pulled up, I noticed they had it so you could only go into the store by one door.  Really?  In the daytime?  They do it at night, but in the early morning?  They also changed their hours from 8 am to 8 pm, wow?  And what hit me like a ton of bricks was there was a sign stating they would help those who needed to find a new pharmacy.  That truly struck a nerve in me because they were my aunt’s pharmacy.  Walking through the doors I saw they had blocked all the self-checkout lanes and only had to two cashiers for the entire store.  I felt like I had walked into a third world country, because the atmosphere was so depressing, sad and there was an incredible sense of hopelessness in the store.  What I didn’t mention early on was my initial thoughts about the store were the number of folks who would be losing their jobs by November 19, 2014, right before the holidays.  Seeing the few workers I have built a rapport with, just made shopping a truly solemn experience.  No matter how much money I saved, my grocery store wasn’t going to be saved and folks who depend on this grocery store will not have this convenience anymore and there will be some displaced workers looking for jobs before the holidays and ain’t nothing fair about it.  Over 30 years I have patronized this store and Saturday was probably my final visit and I really didn’t think fall was going to be this incredibly grey and miserable.  I went home put up my groceries and took to my bed like the old folks say…it was that depressing for me.

My Virgo tendencies are showing because I do not do well with too much change and right now in this moment in time there is so much upheaval in my life I feel like I am crumpling from the chaos. I am also a drama queen too, so tomorrow this won’t be as serious as I am making it.  And I know this is not first world problems either. However, don’t judge me and you all just indulge me in my pity party…


2 thoughts on “Endings Make Me Sad…

  1. We all deserve to throw ourselves a pity party here and there. Lord knows I’ve thrown a few the last few months. I’m the same way, I can’t deal with change.

    But I feel horrible for those who are losing their jobs so close to the holidays. I wish they had thought it through and at least waited until the holidays were over :/

  2. I think the company that actually owns the store now, made a business decision plain and simple. The timing is what is bad in my opinion. I am so trying to find the silver lining with this and a few other situations, but it is so hard. Now I just pray for everyone caught in situations beyond their control.

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