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Randoms…from a Itchy Week!

This week is making my ass itch. Ugh!  Great way to start some randoms, right?

I am working on a civil appeals brief and these type briefs are time consuming and very detail oriented in how they are put together. I spent a couple of days researching, then I spent two days on the argument.  And I got more to do, but it is irritating me because the issue the other folks are arguing has been decided so many times…in our favor.  Sighing…

Did you watch Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder last night?  Um, last night’s episodes were kinda blah.  President Mean-ass Ghost is back.  After last week’s episode, I was hoping this week on HTGAWM would be as enticing and jaw dropping, it wasn’t.  Geez.  Remember my missive about contacting me on Thursday evening?  Why do folks keep calling me during these shows?  Last night it was my cousin, really?  Two weeks before it was my other cousin, really?  Oh, I do not drink wine while watching Scandal because you can’t be even a little inebriate while watching HTGAWM.  Next year, they need to change the times or something…

See my Scandal glass of Wine…From premiere night. Haven’t had any since…see my picture in the glass…so classy!

I have a 17 year old worker on my second job whose mother is consistently late picking her up. She says when she gets there early we aren’t ready so she comes later.  Y’all I tried to be patient about waiting on her to pick up her kid, but her attitude when she finally arrives is like she can do what she wants.  Um, the shit stops now especially when about a month ago she was so late she arrives saying, “This was ASU’s first home game and I had guests and I was entertaining.” Not my problem.  I have things to do when I leave work and babysitting ain’t one of them.  She gets there consistently after 10 pm, and you all know I try to get home by 10 before these fools think it is okay to break into my home.

I need to go to Winn Dixie tomorrow, but I do not know if I want to go to the one in my neighborhood or got to my new normal. One of book club members asked the manager why they were closing and she said he didn’t know and she understood now why they were closing.  Seriously, the folks didn’t know until they were told that Saturday.  Why?  Corporate doesn’t always disclose the whys of decisions.  And the manager is new and he had only been there a couple of months, actually.

It is going to be a slow weekend at the 2nd job because of the Magic City Classic, folks are going to be in Birmingham and of course college football rules in the South.

I do not think I like my new doctor.

Had book club meeting last Saturday. I ate two pieces of meat because everything else had cheese in it. I Do Not Eat Cheese for Real!  And I do not like Redd’s Apple Ale.  The book was good for discussion.  But I got one member who is so determined to be right when she is dead wrong.  What?  Truth.

My favorite picture from Saturday!

Okay, you probably read on blogs and saw this on the news about the preacher at one of our local churches who has Aids and was sleeping, stealing and lying to his church members. And last week they had to go to court so the church could get back in the church, access bank accounts and regain their church.  For the record, if you have read my blog even when it was on Blogger, I do not attend a brick and mortar church.  My family and friends know this.  Why was I tagged on fb about whether I attended the church?  I got mad.  I responded with a No.  Folks are messy.  I know about the circumstances surrounding the church and preacher, but it ain’t my business.  I don’t attend the church.  So stop asking to be messy!

My sister doesn’t want to do black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving. I told her after last year, I am doing it so I can sleep all damn day Friday.  What?  We do not have a Thanksgiving football game so everyone who is coming will be at my cousin’s house.  And around 6 pm, we will be bored.  No alcohol.  And we will need to find something to do, why not go shopping?  I told her the folks are not going to restock on Friday morning, they aren’t.  She better get with the program.  When the same folks she was with for her birthday get on her nerves she will be ready for the hustle of Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night.  LOL!

I haven’t started cleaning. Well only a little bit.  I need to get on the ball, because November will be here next week.

I need to check on a carpet cleaner. Makes my teeth itch.

I hate when one of my friends is hurting and all I can do is listen.

I need some new shoes for work. I do not wear heels at work because the walk to the office from the parking deck ain’t no joke.  So I need some comfortable shoes, not necessarily flats because they hurt my arches…any suggestions?

My sister is a travel agent. Let the trips begin.  After this raise kicks in and some of my bills are paid off…LOL!

I pan-seared a piece of salmon with honey Dijon mustard glaze and put it in a Caesar salad. I ate three bites and I was done.  I don’t really love salmon.  LOL!

Salmon Caesar Salad…looks good, but tasted blah…

The other day I ate a can of Vienna sausages and crackers for lunch. Yeah, I have reached my end of foods.  I don’t want anything to eat but I am hungry.

I was going to lock-knot my hair. I did one and it wasn’t too bad, but then I realized with Sisterlocks it was going to be ridiculous because of the number of locks I have it was going to be time consuming.  I am going to figure out a way to do a portion of my head.  Or, I can roll them, which I haven’t done is awhile, but with all this hair…

Lock Knot…nah…

An author I know used to have long Sisterlocks and I noticed last year she had cut them out. Well, I recently found out she had breast cancer and her locks fell out.  Man, it made my heart skip a beat.  She is fine now, but her sharing her story was brave.  She was a newlywed when she was diagnosed (she was 50 years old when she got married) and this helped them to grow together.  Inspiring.

My sister is obsessed with the story of a missing Navy wife last seen in San Diego. I think it is the interest generated by others that has her so captivated.  Seriously, folks are so messy…Geez! Her name is Elizabeth Sullivan…google it.

How much is gas in your neck of the woods?

$2.89 Baby…

They have cancelled Honey Boo Boo. My goodness.  I haven’t watched it since June and Sugar Bear’s commitment ceremony, but the new allegations regarding why they are cancelling is truly disturbing.  Let’s just hope Alaina is safe.

If you are spreading information about Ebola and you haven’t educated yourself on the virus, stop and I mean it stop posting things to elevate the hysteria. I can’t with you. At. All.  The media is one of the culprits.

Michael Strahan is sexy. That is all.

I need folks to practice two scenarios especially in Ferguson.

American Horror Story: Freak Show…have you seen it. OMG!  Good television right there.  I am side-eyeing clowns now, seriously.

I am not good with working Halloween night because I will have to leave my lights on and them hellions will be ringing my doorbell as if I am home for candy or as if I have ever given out candy for as long as I have lived there.

Oh, my doorbell doesn’t work. Need to correct that.

I have been checking out Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers, OMG! They are giving me life their sense of style is amazing.

I am so glad it is Friday. This week has gone by quickly.  I have to work all weekend; y’all pray this is a good weekend, seriously.

Have a wonderful weekend…(Didn’trealizeTheGuyreadsthisblogwithoutmetellinghimto…)

Guess who made all A’s on their report card? Hunny Bunny! I told you all she was brilliant and she is going to retire me…



Lala with a smile…


Carson…looking so fresh and clean and jazzy!


I don’t look real right here, but I am posting anyway…Plus, I damn sure don’t look 45 years old!



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