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Happy Birthday, Hunny Bunny!

Guess whose birthday is today? Hunny Bunny’s.  My favorite middle niece turns 11 years old today.  Really she is my favorite middle niece!  She is also the niece who will most likely retire me sooner, rather than later.  You saw her report card, all A’s baby!

Birthday Girl, Hunny Bunny, with her Aunt Nana


I have a few interesting facts about Hunny Bunny. She got the nickname from me because the first time I met her, I noticed her big ole eyes and her perfectly round belly.  I just rubbed it and she didn’t seem to mind and just looked at me with her big eyes and my goodness she was the prettiest little baby girl.  After rubbing her stomach and hoping she wouldn’t cry before her mama came back to the room, it reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and his round belly.  So honey and belly turned into Hunny Bunny’s nickname.  Her middle name is the same as mine.  Yep, we have the same middle name.  She plays the guitar. She writes a blog.

Her eyes say so much, which will be so important as she begins the ages of stanky preteen and teenager. However, right now she still gives me hugs.  Incidentally, my Aunt Marie was fascinated by her in the later years she would always ask about “Adia” and when they would visit my aunt’s eyes would light up and her smile would be super huge because something about that little half-African girl made my aunt happy.

Me: Do you know how to do a donut selfie?

Hunny Bunny: No that was random.

Me: Well do you know how to do it?

HB: No

Me: Can you find out how to do it?

HB: Let me guess, you eat a donut while taking a selfie.

Me: Nope. Google it.

HB: No…crickets

Me: Google and then tell me how to do it.

HB: Mommy told me to tell you that you are going to get a whooping.

HB: Ask Jada

Me: You are my smart middle niece, that is why I asked you.

HB: Righhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht…crickets

Me: Lol.

HB: Lots of love to you too

Me: Cute…love you too.

HB: Bout to eat dinner. T2YL 

Yes, this is how our text convos go. And this weekend she sent me a video of her and Lala doing this hilarious Halloween skit of screaming and roaring…yes, really.  I ain’t joking!

Anyway, she is an amazing little girl with the brightest of futures ahead. Happy Birthday, Hunny Bunny!


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