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Where have I been?  Have I gone the way of a lot of bloggers who have just stop blogging?  What is going on?

Well…I am going to be honest here.  I was a bit overwhelmed with work, health and life that trying to write was like picking lint out of my Sisterlocks, ain’t happening.  You all saw I voted, so I did make sure you realized I was still alive.

I intimated in one of my random posts how I wasn’t sure I liked my new doctor.  I called them in October to get my wellness form completed and the nurse springs on me I needed to have a colonoscopy.   Say what now?  I actually stuttered and I do not stutter.  This was a month after my initial appointment and weeks after they received the results from my blood work.  Needless to say this was shocking and I was asking questions but not really listening to the answers.  Seems my blood count was very low.  Not a good thing.  All my other numbers were good, go me.  However, I have spontaneously become anemic.  So I had to wait until the nurse called me with an appointment.  Being the nervous wreck and also a person who needs to be in control of all aspects of her life, I hit WebMD.  Seriously, folks stay off there it just will drive you crazy.  By the time I had done my research I had diagnosed myself.  I ain’t a doctor.

Well the nurse didn’t call me back that particular day.  Or the next day or the day after and it was now the weekend.  In fact, she never called me back about the appointment.  The doctor performing the colonoscopy office left a message on my home phone a week later.  Why?  I do not even know the code to check messages on the phone.  Guess what I get in the mail on a Saturday?  My colonoscopy appointment set for October 29, 2014.  Seriously, where do folks just pick a date out of the sky and send it to you as if I do not work and have responsibilities?  Mind you I received the letter on October 25th.  I was livid and upset.  Not only was I scared about the procedure, but now I am upset because I needed to control the when, where and how of the situation.  Folks, I live alone.  The Guy works out of Georgia during the week.  My family members are um, getting up in age.  I needed to control the situation.  My sister wasn’t any help when I called her about it talking about calm down and reschedule.  Smdh!

Anyway, I called the office first thing Monday morning, rescheduled it for the following Thursday.  Got my cousin to take me.  And preceded to not deal with the situation which manifested in my not being able to blog, write, or do anything to get ready for Thanksgiving.  I was internally consumed with why my body was betraying me.  I had to keep reminding myself that I was not well when I went to my appointment and although I was about 90% better, something was wrong back in September.

If you know about a colonoscopy or if you don’t, it really is a two day procedure.  The first day you are on a strict liquid diet.  This means broths, jello, clear liquids, hard candy and nothing red, green or purple.  You are already nervous about the procedure so the liquids will keep you full.  Then starting at 4 pm you have to drink 6 oz of this prep nastiness with water and an addition 32 oz of water to clean your bowels out completely.  Let’s just let your imagination conjure up what happens after that.  You need to stay home and do nothing.  Then you do this again at 10 pm.  Then nothing to drink or eat after midnight.

My cousin gets to my house at 8:48 am, when I had to be there at 9 am.  Yeah, my nerves were tore up I didn’t want to be late and have to go through this shit, literally again.  I got there at 9:00 am.  Thank you Father!  I checked in paid my co-pay.  FYI – I had to call my insurance about the copay and deductible and such and let’s just say they told me wrong.  Oh, and the prep is expensive too.  Anyway, I then spent the next couple of hours doing pre-op stuff.  Guess what?  I am not pregnant.  When they came in the room to inform the nurse negative, I said, “I could have told you that I wasn’t. Shit I am too old to even think about a baby.”  I think I was in the back room talking with my cousin for at least an hour and a half.  Geez.  I was so sleepy because of my empty stomach and let me be honest I told everyone I was hungry.

When I finally met the doctor, he had the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever met.  Seriously, I feel I love with him, or I was just hungry.  We talked briefly, and then the nurses got me in position because I was having an endoscopy as well to check for ulcers and such (I only allowed this to be done if it was covered by the insurance).  Then they administered the propofol (not covered by insurance unless you have issues with anesthesia) and I remember the room got loud as hell and then I woke up and I heard the doctor telling my cousin what he had done and my release information.  Seems I had a little gastritis and he had to remove a polyp.  And they would test to insure it wasn’t cancerous.

I woke up for the first time without the nausea and sickly feeling I normally experience from anesthesia.  Now I understand slightly, not fully, why Michael was hooked.  I have had 3 medical procedures and every one of them I was sick and lethargic afterwards.  Not this time.  In fact, I didn’t even take a nap that day.  I was woke.

Anyway, after the procedure I started to relax and get ready for the holidays, slowly but surely.  I do not have cancer, but I have to have colonoscopies every 3 years now.  I hadn’t retightened my hair, I hadn’t finished my book for book club meeting and hadn’t clean nothing in the house prior to this time.  God’s good.  I am good.  And I need to do some randoms because America and its occupants are losing their mind!

Today’s Selfie…I am good, cold because the weather is disrespectful in Alabama…


P.S. Insurance is really something else. I don’t care what anyone says they control medical care in this country. To think I would pass up a procedure because I want to be able to pay my bills is something to think about. 


2 thoughts on ““Negative”

  1. I’m glad it all worked out fine. But I’m with you, how in the world do they schedule you for a procedure without your OK. So strange but I’m glad you fell in love with your doctor 🙂

    And yeah, it is crazy how many people go without medical care because they need to pay their bills :/

    • Faith I think a lot of doctors who do specialize procedures do that here. However, I go into to a dark place when folks are controlling me, so when I was able to easily reschedule I was good. It is serious about the medical care and deciding to pay your bills. I see it time and time again with acquaintances and friends shuffling trying to the doctor. What is new now is the main insurance company here is losing doctors who accept them. Sad, but so true.

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