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That was the temperature when I woke up this morning.  What the hell?  I am sitting in my office right now cold as hell.  What the hell?

I live in Alabama, in Central Alabama.  We get cold, but as the weather man said this morning, “bitterly” cold was on deck this am.  My, lawd!

My boss on my second job joked it was because of global warming.  It was a joke because he doesn’t believe in global warming.  I really do not think this particular matter is funny.  Not. At.All.  I find nothing funny about being cold.

I am a spring and fall girl.  And this year we went from mid-70s to 20s in a week.  What the hell?  I am from the south.  I ain’t about this cold weather.

I am so glad I cleaned up my garden stuff this past weekend, because geez, this freezing weather was going to make things difficult. Really difficult.

I had to turn on the heat.  I had absolutely no choice.  Or my house would be a meat locker.  I wish I could get new windows right now.

I really shouldn’t complain, because seriously we didn’t register more than 100 degrees much this summer.  However, I just knew this would be a warm winter after last year’s overwhelming winter storms and frankly we aren’t used to seeing temperatures like this until January and February.  I live in the South!

Did I mention I rarely wear coats?  I have this oversize jacket my uncle used to wear on today, in my office, at my desk because it feels like the North Pole up in here.  Yes, I have a space heater, but my office is the Artic.

If Thanksgiving wasn’t next week I would whip up a pot of soup.  Alas, I can’t.  I can’t afford to lose the space in the refrigerator.

My sister says she isn’t bringing a coat from California, but I can’t even tell her what the weather will be like because it goes from 70s to the teens it seems in a matter of days.  Mother Nature is off her meds.   74 on this upcoming Sunday and 60 on Thanksgiving and let’s not forget Black Friday there is a 50% chance of rain.  Really?

Last year I implored whoever pissed off Mother Nature to make amends and it didn’t happen.  So because whoever was disrespectful to Her last year, She is showing how disrespectful She can be.  Sighing…Somebody, please apologize, anybody!


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