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Take What I Bake and I Choose Me Randoms…

Just because it is on fb doesn’t make it true.  Lawd, if I see one more lie posted under the guise of being true…I told my sister I quit FB!

The heat can stay down tonight.  Thank you!

Went to the Casino for their buffet and by buffet I mean I ate crab legs, by the pounds.

At book club meeting with Indi…


Shonna and I at book club meeting. She wanted me to tag her on FB with the picture. Chile, please. I quit FB!


As I get older, I seem to pull more muscles.  Not cute.

If you haven’t read Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, you need to.

I still need to write the Ptolemy Grey review…

Our department went to lunch for Thanksgiving.  What happened to the catered meals?  Oh well, I enjoyed my Jim & Nick’s.

My sister is really going to be living in NOLA!  Megabus, here I come.

I love cuties.  The baby clementines.

I finally washed my hair.  Now to roll it with pipe cleaners.

Why is my grocery list for Thanksgiving so damn big?  I am only bringing homemade yeast rolls and sweet potato soufflé. Oh, I am making sure to have food in my refrigerator.

I need to clean out my refrigerator and my oven.  Any volunteers to help?  I didn’t think so.

I found a hat on the Ashley Stewart site I hope that sucker fits.  (Big head problems.) I will be so jazzy.

The damn cat.  I mulched my raised garden.  Guess who has been scratching and shit in it?  The damn cat.  I am so sick of the cat.  Now I have to put out rinds and cayenne pepper.  I am so over her ass.  I just don’t understand why she uses my garden as her litter box.  I never had the problem until this year.  I can’t.

Beautiful Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose…Gardening is over until next Spring!


Do you eat chicken feet?  Me either.  And if you do, why?  I am not judging I just want to understand.

Carpet cleaners will come to my house on Saturday, new company for me to use but over 20 years in the business.  I just want the carpet cleaned.

I went to a charity sale a couple weeks ago to get a jump start on my Christmas gifts, which I am not buying many of anyway and I got a picture of the sunrise.  So cool…

Fuzzy sunrise…but gorgeous nonetheless.


Did you see Scandal last week?  There is something about Poppa Pope and his reach of power that is alarming and scary, but um, charming as well.  Don’t judge me.

Last Friday night on my way home from my 2nd job, I was waiting at the Yield sign less than a mile from home, when the guy behind me, who was stopped as well, hit me.  I was like damn!  I got out of my car and he only scrapped off some paint and bent my tag, now his little sporty black car…I said to him, “Dude, my car is fine, but your shit is fucked up!”  I said it just like that, so we went to the gas station/drug store (if you know what I mean) so he could see the damage, but you know I let him get in front of me so I could get his tag.  He was mad at himself.  He said he was glad I wasn’t hurt or my car was in as bad a shape as his.  He apologized and said it was his fault for not paying attention.  Did I mention we were both stopped and then he decided to go and I was still stopped?  Oh, I did?  Anyway, my nerves were tore up when I got home, but I was so thankful my car wasn’t noticeably damaged.  God looks out for his little fools…

Not having my Winn Dixie is doing too much.  The one closest to my house, which is about 5 or so miles away is so damn small they never have the things that are supposed to be on sale.  I went in last week for pears which were $3.99 for 2 lbs.  They didn’t have any pears except for the canned ones.  Really?  I ain’t gonna be able to do it.

I have been eating or rather drinking my lunch.  I have had chicken and beef broth every day except for the luncheon day.  And I can feel the difference.

I think I am over WOW cable.  Seriously, since they switched everyone over to digital my bill has been itching higher and higher.  Last week, the channels were out for over 24 hours.  No credit or anything.  Oh, and I called. We had some channels but I pay for a certain amount and I had few of them.  Pissed me off.  I need more choices.  If I didn’t sleep with my television on, I would just chunk the deuces.  They have good customer service though, really they are amazing. I call enough to know…LOL!

The kids on my 2nd job seemed so obsessed with the cookies I bring for Christmas.  However, now they want to put in some requests.  Um, no.  Take what I bake.  Talking about they want some sugar cookies.  I do not like making them because they are time consuming.  I could just roll and cut, but I am too fancy for that they need glitter, shapes and sprinkles.  Um, no.

What is your definition of friend?  I have more acquaintances than friends.  And I prefer it like that, but me and the owner on my 2nd job were at a stalemate regarding the issue of having more friends.  When would I make more friends when I work 2 jobs and rarely go out?

Lala says she is coming to Alabamer to see her Aunt Nana and she is making me biscuits.  If she makes me biscuits, that will be a sight, but if she lets me near her will be the miracle of Thanksgiving.

Lala, is so over the daily pictures for her dad…And this is probably how she will look at me during Thanksgiving!


Your emergency is not my priority.

Dear T-Mobile, you will be losing more customers with this need to charge $600 for a phone.  That is not a deal.  I do not want to lease a phone, I buy my phones outright.  It is time for my upgrade.  Things are looking iffy with you when I can buy the phone I want from a big box seller and lock down a 2 year contract for less than you.  Did I mention I have been with you since you were Powertel…Loyalty should count for something.  Over 15 years as a customer…

I am working on my gift list again.  I am chuckling about some of my choices.  I mean how many times can I put a car and Yorkie on the list.  I mean if someone got me a dog, seriously I would probably lose my mind.

Did you guys watch Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder last night?  It was the Winter Finale and baby, I am so glad I do not have a bunch of neighbors because they would have called the police on me with all the screaming I was doing.  Jake from State Farm was getting it in, and so like him right now. That damn wine spilled on that sofa had me itching…for some reason my nerves couldn’t settle with such an issue.  A sofa that will be permanently stained or maybe because who the hell spills wine???  Annalise’s detective man’s body, omg!  Seriously, I can’t even type about this no more.  The ending, amazing.  No spoilers…LOL!

I told someone today folks need to mind their own business.  I am sick of folks.

So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?  I am doing the same old thing, but with more folks.  Whoopee! Not.  But I will make it through, because then there will be shopping.  I am in the midst of the thorough cleaning and the dust is killing me softly.  My allergies are out of control.

Congress stop wasting my money and do your damn jobs.  You have spent the last 6 years doing nothing with my tax paying dollars!  As the President said last night, “Pass a bill.”

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.  If you are like me, you are finishing your cleaning and will start the cooking process as you prepare for Thanksgiving and family.  I hope to be back before Thanksgiving, but if I am not, make sure you cherish your family time and are thankful for the season.  Until next time…

Carson is ready for the club…I mean for winter pictures! LOL!


Book Club meeting Selfies….



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